Motivate Don’t Monitor

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Motivate Don’t Monitor

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Having your employees post about your company on social media may make some managers and executives uneasy. After all, how is it possible to control everything that your employees are saying on social media and make sure that none of it reflects poorly on your company? Learn how best to motivate them without the need of excessive monitoring.

Instead of Controlling…

Well that’s just it, you should not be controlling and/or monitoring what your employees are doing on social media.  In fact, you should be doing the opposite. You need to be able to build trust with your employees, so that you do not need to monitor what they do.

…You Should Motivate

Basically, the emphasis should be placed on engaging your employees on social media. You do not want to clamp down on their activity, but motivate them to post and share about your company. You want to inspire them to become ambassadors for your company.

Of course, you do need to have some measures in place to do this. You need to educate your employees on what is appropriate, and inappropriate, to say and do on social media. Training courses go a long way to clearing up any questions or doubts your employees may have.

Give Your Employees the Tools

This leads into another point. The training you give your employees will give them confidence to go online and become ambassadors for your company. An employee may be nervous about posting online about their workplace, but with the right training and guidelines this will not be an issue for long.

By training and educating your employees on proper social media practices, you can be assured that they will have the necessary knowledge and know-how to become ambassadors on behalf of the company on social media.

The emphasis must therefore be on inspiring your employees; equipping them with the right knowledge and encouraging them to engage with your company online. By doing this, and avoiding clamping down on their activates, your employees will become ambassadors and be motivated to engage with your company.

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