New Data Reiterates the Growth of Social Media and the Dominance of Mobile


New Data Reiterates the Growth of Social Media and the Dominance of Mobile

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A new report released by comScore explores the key trends and behaviors driving digital consumption in the USA in 2016, including the adoption of social networks and mobile devices, and how such developments are re-defining the communications landscape. Here are some of the key findings.

Social Networks Account for One in Every Five Minutes Spent Online

That social networks now represent one fifth of all time spent online (in the US) just goes to show how essential an element of the digital landscape they are. As far as brands are concerned, considering what users go on social networks to do – to access content and connect with others – helps to understand where priorities should lie in terms of communication: content and interactivity.

Digital Media Usage Has Risen by 35% Since 2013

The increase in digital media usage has been driven primarily by mobile adoption; since 2013 time spent browsing on desktop has gone down by 1%, while on mobile it has increased by 78%. Meanwhile, over the same period, the portion of time spent on social-media has decreased from 33% to 21% on desktop, and risen from 53% to 61% on mobile.



There’s an Even Spread of Ages Groups

Here’s some data that supports the fact that social media isn’t just for younger generations. In the US, 20.3% of Facebook users are aged 25-34, making it the leading age group in terms of adoption. But while 16.5% of users are aged 18-24, 18.8% are aged 35-44 and 18.1% are aged 45-54.

There is a similar trend on LinkedIn. While the age groups 25-34 and 35-44 represent 22.4% and 20.8% of US users respectively; only 15.5% of users are aged 18-24 – in contrast to 18.3% who are aged 45-54. These are important numbers to digest for companies looking to drive digital transformation; and encourage the use of social media for business throughout the enterprise. Millennials are by no means the only savvy online platform users in the organization.

The comScore report reinforces the progression of social media across age groups, as well as the dominance of mobile. It’s worth noting that the study also identifies ten trends for 2016, which include a renewed focus on engagement and attention metrics, and the increasing dominance of video content. For companies looking to engage with online audiences, there’s loads to focus on. But as the digital landscape continues to evolve and, at times, to surprise, there are also lots of exciting opportunities.

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