New Data Indicates Constant Connectivity

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We're Leading Towards a Constantly Connected Society - What Does this Mean?

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According to new data released by Pew Research Center, 21% of Americans go online “almost constantly”, while 42% connect several times a day. Overall, 73% of Americans go online on a daily basis.

This is the first time that a Pew Research Center survey has included the option “almost constantly” when asking about frequency of internet use among adults, which just goes to show how integral an element of our daily lives the online universe (and social media in particular) has become.

This data reinforces the fact that the internet hasn’t just revolutionized communication; it has transformed lifestyles. From doing business to making purchases, booking vacations to organizing events; most things we do we have the option of doing online. And more often than not, that’s exactly what we do.



The data also points towards something very important for companies across industry sectors; online communication is something that needs to be embraced by all departments. People don’t just go online to research and purchase; they connect to look and apply for jobs, to provide feedback for customer service teams, and to communicate with fellow internet users about the overall customer experience. It so follows that digital transformation is something that concerns the entire company, not just sales and marketing teams.

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