New Featured Content Campaigns on Sociabble

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New Featured Content Campaigns on Sociabble

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Administrators on Sociabble can now highlight campaign content without awarding additional points for sharing actions. This is thanks to new “Featured Content” campaigns, which have been introduced to increase the options available to administrators when drawing users’ attention to specific content on the Sociabble platform.

Featured Content campaigns are an additional option on top of X2 and X3 campaigns. These award users who share campaign posts double and triple points respectively. The advantage is that Sociabble administrators can now choose a campaign format according to whether they want to award users the normal amount of points (Featured Content), double the amount of points (X2), or triple the amount of points (X3).



When creating a Featured Content campaign, administrators create a title and select an icon; both of which appear on the Sociabble wall as a header for all campaign posts.


New Featured Content Campaigns on Sociabble

Featured Content campaigns can also be linked to challenges. This means only posts that are part of the Featured Content campaign will count towards participants’ challenge total.

Thanks to the introduction of Featured Content campaigns, administrators on Sociabble now have a complete range of campaign options; allowing them to choose if and how content highlighted on the platform affects the points awarded for sharing actions.

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