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Best Employee Advocacy Platform: Sociabble Ranked Leader by G2 & Forrester

Marketing Team, Experts in Employee Advocacy, Sociabble
Marketing Team Experts in Employee Advocacy

When it comes to the best Employee Advocacy platform, customers and analysts are not always on the same page. But both the customer users of G2 and the expert analysts of Forrester can agree on one thing: Sociabble is a leading platform for Employee Advocacy & Social Selling.


The G2 vote is in. Sociabble is a customer favorite.

G2 is a leading website for peer reviews of business solutions. Their database has over 900,000 validated user reviews and 3 million users per month.

Which means you’re getting the unvarnished truth about how real-life customers view products. And to be positioned as a leader, you need high satisfaction scores from users of your software, as well as a strong market presence—social followers, web traffic, etc.

Sociabble is proud to announce that our platform is a leader in Employee Advocacy, as well as Employee Communication. The awards Sociabble received include Summer Leader 2020, Users Love Us Award, Easiest to Do Business With Summer 2020, and Momentum Leader 2020.


rate_review Client reviews

Want to discover what our clients say about Sociabble on G2?

Sociabble given top scores as an international business and mobile first solution.

These awards were given thanks to direct, quantitative feedback, however it’s the qualitative, personal feedback that says the most about the platform.

For example, one customer called Sociabble :

A true Swiss Army Knife of employee advocacy with a team dedicated to your success.

A different user remarked that “The UI is fun to use and looks great! It looks like a modern social media platform . . . Setting up campaigns and challenges is not only easy but fun as well.”

Another client noted: “We had 2 months to set up the tool for our 10,000 employees. The team was so efficient and really understanding of our needs. I really recommend the tool…”

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Additionally, customers recognized Sociabble as a powerful tool for large companies doing international business.

91% agree that Sociabble enables users to view and transact business with the same content in multiple languages.

And over 90% of reviewers agreed that Sociabble is easily accessible from a mobile device and by users on the go, with a quality of support rating at an impressive 9.2/10 (for a category average of 8.7).

The experts have also weighed in. Sociabble is declared a market leader by Forrester as well.

While G2 may offer peer-to-peer reviews, Forrester offers feedback direct from expert analysts, giving direct evaluations of top products in emerging technology markets.

Sociabble was designated a “leader,” the only European company featured on their list. Sociabble’s capabilities were described by analysts as such:

A leader in the sales social engagement tools category with functionality tailored to sellers and an ability to scale.

Forrester recognized Sociabble as an effective enterprise solution, a leader among social selling and advocacy platforms.

Success in these fields has been achieved thanks to the platform’s simplicity of use, the quality of the UX, and its engagement features, like its gamification, advanced newsletter engine, and mobile app notifications.

It gives individual employees the ability and impetus to share content, and it provides administrators with the controls they need to make it effective—a crucial element found in the best employee advocacy platforms.

Why does it matter? Because Employee Advocacy and Social Selling matter.

The reason having a highly-effective Employee Advocacy and Social Selling platform is so important is because both can do a great deal to help a company succeed online.

Increasingly, consumers are looking for authentic feedback online about companies and products; they don’t trust advertising or company pages anymore.

One study found that 96% of consumers don’t trust ads, while 76% are ready to have a social media conversation. Additionally, a 42% increase in digital ad spending results in only an 11% increase in traffic. Meanwhile, content shared by employees, rather than just the company alone, receives on average 24x more shares, has a click rate that’s 2.5x higher, and reaches 500x as many people.

Having the best employee advocacy platform can make the difference.

The ongoing crisis has made Employee Advocacy & Social Selling even more relevant.

When the events of the past year are taken into account, the need for Employee Advocacy and Social Selling has only increased. Marketing budgets are being cut, and companies are looking for effective alternatives to paid media.

In fact, according to a recent study by EPOKA, 73% of companies have experienced a reduction or elimination of marketing budgets, by an average of 27%.

Meanwhile, online engagement has increased by 2,781% regarding the crisis. It’s obvious that companies are looking for solutions to the problems the health crisis has created in the market.

And an Employee Advocacy & Social Selling program is the best answer. It’s less costly, easier to implement, and generally more effective than traditional online advertising. You can learn more about employee advocacy by reading about social media advocacy campaigns.

rate_review Client reviews

Want to discover what our clients say about Sociabble on G2?

Sociabble wouldn’t be Sociabble without our great customers.

We’re of course honored to be mentioned as a leader by G2 and Forrester, but truth be told, it is an honor we owe to our fantastic clients. Sociabble has been used by hundreds of companies in over 80 countries around the world, spanning everything from small businesses, to global industry leaders like Coca-Cola, Disneyland Paris, Vinci, and L’Occitane.

We offer a cutting-edge platform, but we also enjoy working closely with clients, providing customized consulting and Customer Success Management every step of the way. We truly appreciate their trust and partnership, and it is thanks to them that we’re able to lead the way in Employee Advocacy and Social Selling.

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