How to Optimize Your Recruitment Strategy with Social Media


Learn How Social Media Can Help Your Recruitment Strategy

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How do you strike a balance between encouraging internal development and recruiting new people? It’s not easy, that’s for sure. But one thing that certainly helps is using social networks to optimize your recruitment strategy. By tailoring social media sites to your company’s needs, you can increase employee engagement and attract the right candidates from elsewhere.

Enhance Your Employees’ Development

A company whose employees are in regular touch with its social media campaigns, is a company that will benefit in the long run. Employees are able to increase their knowledge of what’s going on and gain a sense of engagement with the company at large through viewing and sharing content someone publishes online. As a result, they will often be more inclined- not to mention better equipped- to stay with their current employer.

Creating an online community therefore makes for a more informed group of internal candidates. What’s more, those employees who are really motivated to progress will be actively engaged with social media activity; making them stand out from the crowd.

Attract the Right New People

The same goes for external candidates; those who are truly interested in working for a company will be familiar with its social media sites. But remember, the right content attracts the right people; so recruiters must share information that reflects who they are and what they are looking for. The more relevant the content, the more endorsement it will receive from current employees and the more suitable the demographic it reaches will be.

Encouraging current employees to share content can pay dividends, especially in terms of attracting passive candidates. Not everybody on the receiving end will be in search of a job; but if they are interested by what a friend is sharing, they might just start looking.

Professional networks are also invaluable. Connecting with other companies and their employees makes it easier to identify candidates in the right field of work; with the appropriate level of experience and the backing of previous employers.

Reap the Recruitment Rewards

There is no right way to incorporate social media into your recruitment strategy. What is certain is that, if used to your advantage, social networks enable you to promote internal progression and attract new faces. This in turn provides you with the best possible choice of candidates and the greatest chance of finding somebody who fits the bill.

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