Quiz: What Is and Isn’t Appropriate to Share on Social Media?

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Quiz: What Is and Isn’t Appropriate to Share on Social Media?

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On social media, the line between personal and professional gets blurrier every day. More and more companies are embracing the potential of social networks as a means of spreading brand messages, showcasing company culture and doing business by opening them up to employees. But for many, this poses one major challenge: policy.

As a company, what’s the best way to go about engaging your employees in brand communication on social media? Should they stop posting about their hobbies, parties and vacations and share only professional content? Should they clean out embarrassing photo albums that date back to their university days? Should they only share pre-approved company text copy?

This quiz is designed to answer these questions and others, by clarifying what is and isn’t appropriate to share on social media. Take it to find out whether you’re on the right lines, or whether there is still work to be done.

What are your employees more likely to share?

a) A photo of the CEO keeled over at last year’s Christmas shindig

b) Photos from a salsa class organized by the company

c) A photo of the keynote speaker at the summer conference


Which sources of data are your employees most likely to reference on social networks?

a) Your company and its competitors – after all, they have great insights too

b) Your company and that is it – their loyalty is unrivalled

c) Independent industry commentators – best to stay neutral

On Twitter, what do you think is best to share?

a) Photos of cats that bear an uncanny resemblance to politicians

b) Predictions on where the industry will be a year from now

c) News about your company’s recent sustainability award

Quiz: What Is and Isn’t Appropriate to Share on Social Media?


Is it ok for them to share ex-employers’ content?

a) Yes, it’s good to maintain a relationship with all companies they have worked for

b) Only if they have changed industries and don’t risk endorsing competitors

c) No, it’s inappropriate

Which of these hobbies is inappropriate to mention on social media?

a) Wrestling

b) Belly dancing

c) Historical reenactments

Quiz: What Is and Isn’t Appropriate to Share on Social Media?


Mostly a’s?

You have a pretty relaxed social media policy, but that’s no bad thing – as long as it’s in line with your company’s identity. If in doubt, consider organizing some formalized training to make sure everybody in the company is on the same page in terms of what is and isn’t ok to post on social networks.

Mostly b’s?

Your social media policy is neither draconian nor loose. You understand the importance of sharing sensibly, while at the same time showcasing the fun side of the company and allowing employees to express themselves. Keep up the good work but remember – regular guidance is a must.

Mostly c’s?

You definitely have one of the stricter social media policies out there, and perhaps this works well for your company. Just bear in mind that your brand image needs to be human on social networks – are your current rules restricting this?

What Next?

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