How to Get a Return on Your Investment in Social Media

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How to Get a Return on Your Investment in Social Media

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A successful social media strategy demands a lot of time and a great deal of effort.  So how do you know it will all be worthwhile?  Whether your priority is marketing campaigns, product development, event management or project launches, here are Sociabble’s top social media tips for getting a return on your investment.



1. Have the confidence to run with ideas

Many of the greatest success stories began life as small, seemingly insignificant ideas.  Your company’s social networks should therefore act as a melting pot to which you, your employees and your partners contribute.  Not all ideas will prove successful, but encouraging innovation and being prepared to consider all of them is essential if you want to find those that do.

2. Make the most of your social media networks

One of the greatest things about social media is having so many people at your fingertips.  So whatever it is you’re up to, and however small or large the initiative, keep your online networks informed.  In this way, you maintain easy access to ideas and feedback.  Even if you don’t think you need help, others may come to you with unexpected insights that make all the difference to a project’s long-term success.

3. Foster a passionate company culture

The best way to ensure your online content is well rceived is to motivate those who are sharing it. As shareholders in social media strategy and advocates for your brand, employees need to be engaged, challenged and rewarded.  The more enthusiasm they convey on your company’s social networks, the more likely it is that those on the receiving end will engage with what is being shared.

4. Stay focused

The internet is bursting with information, so your online content needs to reflect how and why your brand is different.  As far as social media strategy is concerned, this requires focus.  In order for people to stop and look at your content, they need to know exactly what it is you’re promoting.  If you lose sight of this, how on earth will your audience get the message?

5. Don’t just plan, act

Plans are an essential aspect of social media strategy, but they mean next to nothing if they are not put into action.  While it’s important not to get going before you are ready, waiting too long can have even worse consequences.  By its very nature, social media is reactive.  So don’t delay implementation; after all, once your strategy has been set in motion, planning should continue in the form of adaptation.

Like any investment, social media bears its fruit over time.  But by incorporating these top tips into your company’s online strategy, you will maximize your chances of getting a tangible return.

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