The Risks of a Connected Workplace

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The Risks of a Connected Workplace

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Engaging employees on social media is a touchy subject. Employers are concerned with the risks of giving employees that kind of ammunition. Many companies ask what the risks are of having a connected workplace. However, what are the risks if you aren’t?

Connectivity is the Next Big Thing

A “connected workplace” is the wave of the future. With more and more companies getting on board, the train is leaving the station whether you’re with them or not. Companies such as Sprint[1], IBM[2] and Intel[3] have all engaged their employees on social media, and set effective guidelines.

Improve Productivity

In fact, according to a McKinsey study, implementing social technologies, such as social media, into the workplace can help improve worker productivity[4]. Is that the kind of advantage you want your competitors to have over you?

Engage Employees

Another way to look at it is from an employee engagement framework. Engaging employees on social media is another way of engaging employees in the workplace; and help in forming a workplace community. The benefits of employee engagement are verging on endless. More engaged employees have higher morale, which leads to higher work satisfaction, decreased turnover and higher productivity. It’s easy to see how engaging your employees can reap rewards for any organization.

Not only are you at a serious handicap and losing out on key advantages by not having employees engaged on social media, it reflects poorly on your company as well for a number of reasons.

Reflection on your Organization

Imagine you’re an employee at company A and your cousin at company B tells you how they’re encouraged to post, share and engage with company content on social media. What does that tell you as an employee if your company doesn’t trust you to be engaged?

From a public relations standpoint, how will the general public react when it finds out you are stifling your employees, while other organizations are encouraging their own employees?

With other companies already getting on board, this is not a boat that you can afford to miss.






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