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The Benefits of Sharing Content on Company Pages from Sociabble

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A great new feature has arrived on Sociabble. Authorized users can now share content from the platform directly onto company Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

This feature is effective for two main reasons. Firstly, it enhances the user experience for companies that invite partners to view and share content on Sociabble. As well as posting content on their personal social network accounts; those partners can now publish it on their own company pages directly from the Sociabble platform.

Secondly, this functionality enables companies to make even greater use of third-party content. The Sociabble platform uses listening tools to pull in relevant industry content from elsewhere on the web. Thanks to the new sharing settings, authorized users can now share this content directly onto company social network pages; and without having to leave the Sociabble interface.

In order to share content from Sociabble onto a company social network account, the user must be an administrator of that company account.



Sociabble makes it easy for employees, fans, customers and partners to share valuable content with their own social media connections. By enabling authorized users to share content on company pages, the platform also enables companies themselves to make better use of new content; and therefore enhances their existing social media activity.

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