Sociabble Announces a Roundtable of M to Accelerate its Expansion in North America and Europe

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We're Announcing a Roundtable of $5M to Accelerate its Expansion in North America and Europe. More Sociabble to Come!

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Brainsonic, Sociabble’s parent company, has concluded a roundtable of $5M on behalf of CM-CIC Capital Privé and Ardian Croissance, to transform the company into a global leader in the areas of employee advocacy and brand content management.

Sociabble, the cloud employee advocacy platform, has become one of the leading solutions on the global market in less than two years. With offices in Paris, London and New York, Sociabble helps companies to transform employees into ambassadors on social media. This investment will reinforce the platform’s international stature, most notably in the USA.

For Julien Keignart, Head of Investments at CM-CIC Capital Privé, “We’re very excited about the development of Sociabble; which responds to corporate enterprises’ growing need to communicate more effectively. We’re delighted to join Ardian Croissance in this adventure.”



For Jean-Louis Bénard, Sociabble CEO, “this investment will enable us to boost development and to take important steps. We have ambitious projects that will establish Sociabble as a leading name on a global scale”.

The company is currently recruiting around 30 talented individuals across disciplines in Europe and the USA.

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