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Sociabble Live Broadcasts: Give Your Employee Communication an Edge

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Marketing Team Experts in Employee Advocacy

Corporate live video streaming is more important than ever. With the recent necessity of remote work scenarios, companies are looking for ways to keep their employees aligned with the strategy, as well as communicate at scale, both top-down and bottom-up. The all-hands meetings of before are now by necessity digital; the many in-person events that formerly made up the business day now have to take place online.

To that end, companies need simple, scalable solutions that can run Live Streams for all their employees, including frontline workers who don’t have access to a professional email address.

A solution that allows employees to connect with their desktop or mobile device, and that goes beyond simply listening, allowing them to ask questions and send emoticons as well when it makes sense.  Is there a solution out there that can address these needs the best? Yes. It’s called Sociabble.    

Many companies have struggled to find the right Live Streaming solution. 

For communications teams, it’s always been a challenge to manage this type of Live Streaming event. Beyond the stress of the technical part of the Live Stream, there’s also the issue of making sure that people are properly informed about the live broadcast, properly reminded through emails, but also via mobile notifications as well.

And then there’s the need to provide the replay of the live event immediately after the end of the broadcast, and to inform people about the replay.

This generally involves considerable work, and when top management decides to switch to a weekly virtual town hall meeting, for example, it can be truly overwhelming to execute it effectively.

And then there’s the technology component—for IT departments, the challenge is compounded by the need to make sure that the solution managed by the communication team is compliant with their technical constraints, not to mention data privacy requirements, all while keeping the user experience simple.

Sociabble makes the technology and the communication simple. 

As a leading Employee Communication platform, Sociabble has the ability to broadcast Live Streaming events as an integrated part of daily use. It makes the normally complex process simple and intuitive, for the top management, communication team, and IT department of any company. It helps keep employees engaged and aligned, and can strengthen the connection between employees, even when they’re working remotely.

For example, with Sociabble Live, you can:

  • Conduct weekly town hall meetings to announce companywide guidelines and changes
  • Host Q & A sessions with management about the organization, the market, and productivity 
  • Hold live entertainment sessions, like music performances or trivia quizzes, that all employees can enjoy   

Here’s what Sociabble Live provides. 

Sociabble’s Live Streaming broadcast capability offers numerous features that help to make live broadcasts simple, effective, and engaging. These include: 

Third-Party Integrations 

Sociabble can integrate with your preferred third-party video service (Vimeo, Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, etc.). It will be a seamless user experience for your employees; no dial-in number, and no downloading of a plugin required.

They will connect to the Sociabble platform and access the Live Stream by merely clicking on the Live Tile.   

Support within the Platform for Every Step 

With Sociabble Live, there’s no need to have another tool that doesn’t properly integrate. Because a great live event experience starts before with announcements, and goes beyond the moment with replay, snacked content, etc., Sociabble manages all the steps: before, during, and after. 

Before the Event Support 

Sociabble takes care of the promotion of your Live Stream, and ensures all employees are part of the communication efforts. The Live Stream is embedded in Sociabble’s communication framework, which benefits from the platform’s powerful notification engine.

Pre-live broadcast functionalities include the announcement of the live broadcast, pinning of the live event, teasing with automatic notifications, and  scheduling in user calendars (iCal, Outlook, Google, Yahoo!). 

During the Event Support 

The Live Broadcast can be watched from both desktops and mobile devices. It can give a voice to your employees and create an impactful and interactive experience.

Sociabble’s advanced chat tool encourages high levels of participation and interaction, via dynamic mentions of users, emojis, and live commentary. The number of viewers is displayed in real-time.  

After the Event Support 

With Sociabble Live, you can scale and optimize your communication efforts. You can even decide to have a replay available for your employees. If you are part of a large organization spread across multiple time zones, this allows you to reach all your employees.

And thanks to the editorial newsfeed feature of Sociabble, you can amplify the replay on your wall for all employees to see, with replays able to be indexed to optimize streaming. 

Full Admin Control 

Platform administrators will have the capability to moderate comments, and to decide if a replay should be available or not. This gives the company complete control over the level of interaction, what comments are included, and who has access to the material after the live event has occurred.