Sociabble Integrates Klout Score

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Sociabble Integrates Klout Score

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The integration of Klout Score allows companies to better understand and analyze the effect of their employees’ our partners’ activity on social networks.

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Klout Score, which is a number between 1 and 100, represents influence: the ability to drive action on social media.  The greater a person’s influence, the higher their score. Klout scores are updated daily and are determined by a combination of attributes, most notably the ratio between the amount of content users share and the number of reactions they generate.

The incorporation of the Klout score into Sociabble’s existing points system is an important addition.  Not only does it allow companies to analyze the effect of employee actions based on a linear relationship of points accrued per share; but it accounts for the added complexity of influence. For example, an employee with a high Klout Score will naturally have a stronger impact when they share; rather than an employee with a lower score. The inclusion of Klout Scores also allows companies to reward employees’ activity on the Sociabble platform in more dynamic ways; rewarding ambassadors not only for social actions, but for the influence accrued through these actions.

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