Sociabble Teams Up with La French Touch Conference for the Third Year Running, Pioneering French Technology and Innovation

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Sociabble & La French Touch Conference

Sociabble, the leading provider of advocacy and engagement solutions, is supporting La French Touch Conference 2017, driving online visibility for an international event that showcases the very best in French technology. Headquartered in Paris with offices in New York, London, and Mumbai, Sociabble pioneers French innovation on a global scale. It is a long-term supporter of La French Touch Conference.


Sociabble Teams Up with La French Touch Conference for the Third Year Running, Pioneering French Technology and Innovation


This year Sociabble is involved in La French Touch Conference on both sides of the Atlantic. The software will be used to drive engagement and visibility before, during and after events in Paris and New York. Additionally, a Social Wall embedded on the event website and displayed on large screens at venues will showcase social media activity as the conference plays out.

The Social Wall is a public version of the Sociabble brand advocacy platform that aggregates social media content in real time, allowing website visitors to share posts on their own social media accounts. It will be used before, during and after La French Touch Conference to pull in content from event Twitter feeds, as well as those of conference speakers. It will also draw in posts using event hashtags.

Thanks to the Social Wall, all attendees and online audiences will be able to follow La French Touch Conference in real time before, during and after the event itself. Event organizers will have the opportunity to showcase the conversations taking place on social media.



About Sociabble

Sociabble is the leading provider of social selling software. Our unique platform organizes brand, third-party, and user-generated content onto themed channels. Then, from these channels, users can share on social media and track subsequent traffic and lead generation.

Sociabble is also available natively for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Features include gamification, newsletters, calls-to-action, advanced analytics, lead tracking, and individual performance dashboards. The platform also integrates with a number of CRM, curation, listening and retargeting tools, including Office 365, Salesforce, and RadiumOne. Used in over 60 countries, Sociabble’s client base includes companies from multiple sectors including; energy, tech and communications, finance, government, education, and media

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