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Introducing Sociabble's New and Improved Mobile Application

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Introducing Sociabble’s New and Improved Mobile App

We are happy to announce the release of our new mobile app, now available for iOS and Android. Mobile friendly tools are now a “must-have” for employees, whether they be for employee advocacy, social selling, or internal communications.  At Sociabble, we have been working hard over the past several months to reach a new generation of employees. Our application updates fully align with the needs of both users today, and beyond.



Performance is a key adoption factor for mobile applications. That’s why we chose, from the outset, to develop native applications on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone – rather than just web apps embedded in containers. Beyond being able to tap into 100% of the functionalities of iOS and Android, the native application allows greater performance, and this application release pushes the subject of optimization to the maximum.



Ergonomics is an essential element in adopting a mobile application. Our users are fans of the Web and the Office365 version of Sociabble; as well as its ergonomics and the simplicity that accompanies the richness of function. It was crucial to also achieve the same result with our mobile app; and now we have. Over the past several months we have been working on the application’s UX to ensure that it adheres to the specificities of each operating system (as the ergonomics of the iOS application vary from that of the Android application).


The new application favors direct access to information. Upon loading, the user arrives directly to their default themed channel. The content is visually summarized, fluid,  and includes comment and sharing capabilities for all shareable content. The visualization of content detail is fully optimized; so now, users no longer have to leave the world of the application to view and interact with the detail of available content, as well as for polls, quizzes, challenges, etc. Everything, from the display of user points, badges won, access to the leaderboard, to the content publication assistant, and the newsfeed has been revised to facilitate intuitive use.


Sociabble New Mobile Application on phone



Video / Audio

Today, the consumption of most information is via audio and video display. Because of that, we implemented on mobile what we have on the web: a platform that supports the greatest number of audio and video players. This includes classics such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Spotify, and Soundcloud; as well as professional digital asset management players such as Piksel, Damdy, and support for players secured by Referrer such as Vimeo. Our ease of use has been pushed to the maximum, with auto-play available for most of these players.



Onboarding from Mobile

User onboarding from mobile is now easier than ever; especially for large-scale deployments of employees without a professional email address, (as is the case in many industries), including retail.  This new step tackles the acceleration of the mobile revolution.

With the release of our new application we offer greater ease of use, and allow our users to stay ahead of the curve. But this release is not all that is to come from Sociabble. In the coming months we have many more great surprises for you, so be sure to stay tuned!

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