Sociabble Newsletters Allow Advocates to Share Content Directly From Emails

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Learn How Sociabble Newsletters Allow Advocates to Share Content Directly From Emails

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Sociabble admins now have an additional way of engaging brand and employee advocates; newsletters that enable content to be shared directly from emails. Configured by admins, these newsletters are sent out automatically to Sociabble members; in order to promote the latest posts available for sharing.



When the you activate newsletter feature, Sociabble members receive an email containing the most recent posts that admins will be publishing on the platform. Admins determine the frequency of newsletters and the number of posts they contain; controlling the posts that appear according to how recent they are. For example, they can choose to send posts from the last three days, the last week, or the last fortnight.

But that’s not all. Thanks to the integration of sharing icons, Sociabble members may share content on any of their own social networks directly from the newsletter email. When they do this, they win points that the platform adds to their Sociabble total. The newsletters therefore act as an extension of sharing activity that takes place on the platform itself.

Of course, each newsletter also includes a call-to-action that invites members to visit the Sociabble platform, where they can view all available content, keep up with their progress on advocate leaderboards and participate in gamification challenges.

Whether they’re your employees, partners, clients or fans, brand advocates are also very busy people. That’s why we have introduced Sociabble newsletters. A concise, regular round-up of new content delivered straight to users’ inboxes; with the added bonus of sharing functionalities that allow advocates to share content on social networks from the very same email.

Individual advocates may subscribe or unsubscribe to the Sociabble newsletter in the ‘My Account’ section.

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