Sociabble One of 10 Companies to Watch in 2016


Guess What! Sociabble is 1 of 10 Companies to Watch in 2016 - Learn Why

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In an article published by Geoffrey Colon on LinkedIn, Sociabble is listed as one of 10 companies to watch in 2016. All of the companies on the list were chosen for their technological expertise; as well as their ideas and vision moving forward.

In the article Geoffrey Colon argues that “if your vision has no soul or doesn’t emit feelings from users, it’s not going to go anywhere in this world of people”. The Sociabble platform enables companies to structure, manage and engage employees in an advocacy initiative that showcases their expertise; while at the same time boosting company-wide performance to reach key business objectives. It so follows that the technology itself is just one aspect of what we do.

At Sociabble, we believe employee advocacy is a method of communication that benefits all company departments moving forward. This is why we don’t just give you an employee advocacy platform and let you run with it; we offer Customer Success workshops and consulting to help you think beyond the technology involved, and focus on how employee advocacy can transform how your company ticks. For more information, contact us.

Geoffrey Colon is Communications Designer at Microsoft, where a global employee advocacy initiative is already in motion. To find out more, read the case study Microsoft Launches Employee Advocacy on a Global Scale with Sociabble.

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