Sociabble at Rock the Blog @CeBIT Global Conferences, Hanover


Discover What Sociabble Discussed at the Rock the Blog @CeBIT Global Conferences in Hanover

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Sociabble at Rock the Blog @CeBIT Global Conferences, Hanover


On Friday March 18th 2016, Sociabble will be in Hanover, Germany for the Rock the Blog conference; which is part of CeBIT Global Conferences. During the event Marylin Montoya, VP Marketing & Partnerships at Sociabble, will host a session entitled “Driving Sales and Marketing with Employee Advocacy”.

Social media has changed the way companies generate business; prompting a transition from company to client contact, to one-to-one, employee to decision maker contact. Ms Montoya will discuss how companies can embrace this business shift, by empowering employees as brand advocates on social networks.

The session, which takes place at 2.30pm local time, will include a presentation of the Sociabble employee advocacy platform; as well as examples of how we have helped clients such as Microsoft and Sage plan, launch and optimize employee advocacy on a company-wide scale.



Online audiences can follow the session in real time thanks to the CeBIT live stream.

Taking place from March 14th to 18th, CeBIT Global Conferences provides a panoramic view of the digital business landscape. The event delves into the latest trends, and explores how they will shape the business workflows of the future. Employee advocacy is a prime example of an innovative business strategy that will become essential for companies moving forward.

Rock the Blog is the new Friday format at the CeBIT Global Conferences; a networking hub for bloggers and marketers on the lookout for new trends and topics. Rock the Blog will bring together international speakers covering a wide range of themes.

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