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Sociabble's Renaud Marcadet at #SocialSellingForum Lyon

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Sociabble is excited to announce that our very own VP of Sales, Renaud Marcadet, will be participating in a series of roundtables at the Lyon  #SocialSellingForum next week.

The event, taking place from June 14-15, covers a wide variety of social selling topics, offering a unique look into the impact and power of social selling.



Free Registration using the code: SOCIABBLE



Some of the topics to be discussed  include:

– #SocialSelling – A definitive how-to: Sales, Marketing, and Social Selling practitioners share their experience.

– What are the challenges of developing your professional – personal brand?

– What are the best practices to adopt in your Social Selling routine?

– What tools can you use in a Social Selling approach? What needs do they meet? How do you choose them?

– How do you build a successful employee advocacy program? Should we be afraid of giving the floor to salespeople and other collaborators?


In addition to the many discussions and roundtable selection,  there will be a highly anticipated after-work evening for all participants!


Register for the Social Selling Forum today, and use the code: Sociabble for free registration!

What is Social Selling?

If you have a LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, or Facebook  Page, you have more than likely already engaged in some form of Social Selling, and you may not even know it! So what exactly is Social Selling?

Social selling is the process of using online social tools to build a relationship with consumers. It also consists of using social networks to find prospects, and build connections and achieve sales goals; as well as the ultimate objective of engaging buyers on a continuing long-term basis. The key is building and maintaining meaningful, lasting, and authentic relationships, which is much easier when using a network that you and the potential client/consumer know and trust.


Renaud Marcadet

Renaud Marcadet is the VP of Sales and Customer Success for Sociabble. Before joining Sociabble in 2016, he had key roles in marketing and sales in international structures including IBM, Microsoft, and Dell.

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