The Sociabble Team Heads to London for TFM&A 2015


The Sociabble Team Heads to London for TFM&A 2015

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Taking place on the 25th and 26th of February 2015 at the Olympia National, London, Technology for Marketing & Advertising is the premier event for modern marketers looking to source and maximize the use of technology-powered marketing. This year, event attendees will have the opportunity to talk to the Sociabble team about all our brand advocacy solutions, including the Social Wall – a content aggregation and diffusion platform that drives social media activity directly from brand event websites.



The Social Wall: A Digital Initiative at the Heart of Live Events

Powered by Sociabble, the Social Wall boosts content diffusion and user engagement before, during and after events. Easily embedded in any brand website, the interface aggregates and displays company, partner and guest speaker social media feeds; allowing in-person attendees and online audiences to view event-related content and share it directly on any of their own social networks.

Due to its highly visual, board game-style appearance, the Social Wall also perfectly suits to a large screen display at live venues; allowing event organizers to showcase content in real time and highlight pertinent conversations taking place on social media.

Sociabble: A Comprehensive Brand Advocacy Solution Pioneered by Microsoft

The Social Wall is available as a stand-alone tool, as well as an add-on for the Sociabble brand advocacy platform. Designed for communities of employee, partner and customer advocates, Sociabble aggregates company content; and also allows members to share it on their own social networks. Administrators can create dynamic channels based on keywords or hashtags, launch gamification campaigns, and track the content diffusion cycle; from advocates sharing all the way through to end user engagement.

In order to promote TechDays 2015, the largest IT event in Europe, Microsoft leveraged the Social Wall; as well as the Sociabble employee advocacy platform. The Social Wall was used to drive exposure and sharing activity on social media directly from the event website; while on the private Sociabble platform for Microsoft employees a specific TechDays channel (made up of over 100 social network feeds) was used to boost visibility before, during, and after the event. It was done most notably through gamification campaigns.


The Sociabble Team Heads to London for TFM&A 2015

To find out more about the initiatives launched at TechDays 2015, read the article How the Most Important IT Event in Europe Leverages Social Networks and Brand Advocacy.

Sociabble began as an idea: the idea of mobilizing advocate communities to empower brand communication and events. With solutions available for employee, fan and partner advocates, as well as the public Social Wall for events, Sociabble responds to companies’ individual brand advocacy needs. We look forward to talking about yours at TFM&A 2015! And be sure to follow us @SociabbleApp to see what we’re up to throughout the event.

Unable to meet us in London? Don’t worry! Simply contact us to find out more about how Sociabble can transform your digital marketing strategy.

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