Sociabble: A Vision that Benefits the Entire Organization


Discover Why Sociabble Is A Vision that Benefits the Entire Organization

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Social media is changing the way companies reach and interact with prospects, clients, partners and candidates. A key part of this is empowering employees to communicate on behalf of the company across social networks. At Sociabble we believe employee advocacy isn’t just about creating additional visibility for marketing content; but that it’s a method of communication that should be prioritized by all company departments moving forward. If you share this vision, then let’s team up.

Employees: What’s in it for Them?

Staying up to date with the latest company news, while at the same time searching for great social media content that ties in with professional conversations, take time. Sociabble makes it quicker and simpler; enabling your employees to stay in the know and share both company and third-party content in a personalized way with their own networks. With all the latest company news, opportunities and industry developments aggregated on a single platform, Sociabble acts as a one-stop information and communication hub for employees.

Simplify and Enhance Social Media Activity for ALL Departments

Sociabble isn’t designed with marketers alone in mind, but rather for company-wide use. The platform allows marketers to generate additional visibility, boost the credibility of content through word of mouth; as well as use engagement initiatives to prioritize certain content. But this is just one example of how it can be used.

Sales teams on Sociabble become more efficient social sellers, thanks to themed channels and user-specific analytics that make it easy not only to find the right content, but also to evaluate its effectiveness. As for HR departments, they can boost internal communication by creating a dedicated channel for company news, and use engagement initiatives to generate additional visibility for specific employer brand content and recruitment opportunities.



Personal Branding and Business Objectives

With more and more business conversations taking place on social networks, building a strong online profile is crucial. Sociabble makes it easy for your employees to do this by personalizing the posts they share and accessing not just company content; but relevant third-party content too. And when employees share their knowledge and expertise on social media, it reflects well on the company itself.

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