What Makes a Social CEO?

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What Do You Need to Become a Social CEO?

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In an article published on the Creation Agency blog, Mark S. Babbit points out that some CEOs “don’t see social as an active listening device – a way to gather input from employees, customers and stakeholders in real-time and without filters. They don’t see social media as a way to build communities that enthusiastically support their brand”. He therefore outlines The 4 Cornerstones of Today’s Social CEO. Here are our thoughts.

Building Trust

In the social age, writes Mark S. Babbit, “businesses are expected to be more human; more social”. This is a sentiment echoed by companies such as Sage, which is leading the way on social media by establishing a company culture that doesn’t just prioritize social business, but that is pioneered by a truly social CEO.

Active Listening

Today, “companies don’t rely on traditional media to sway consumers. Instead, they gain real input through community building, social monitoring and engagement”. Indeed, following conversations on social media is a key way of making sure your company stays relevant. If you’re in touch with what customers are saying, you’re in a better position to address their needs.



Authentic Personal Branding

That “as goes the personal brand of a CEO, so goes the brand” is an interesting assertion. Of course, the way a CEO communicates about the company should reflect the brand identity and key messages. However, let’s not forget that a key part of personal branding is being able to demonstrate your own personality – even if you’re the big boss.

Leveraging the Testimonial Economy

We don’t think that “today’s buyer has stopped listening to what companies say about themselves”; brand communication is still incredibly important. However, what is true is that by itself, it is no longer enough to engage audiences. Companies now need to explore the alternatives, not least because it is fellow social media users “who today’s customers listen to first”.

Social Media: “a once-in-a-lifetime disruptor”

As rightly highlighted on the Creation Agency blog, social CEOs (and the companies they run) close more business, increase market share, and use social media to attract the best talent. They have embraced “a new era with new rules – and new expectations”, and others should follow suit.

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