The Social Wall on Show at USI, Paris


Sociabble's Social Wall is Being Shown Off at USI in Paris

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The Social Wall on Show at USI, Paris

On Thursday 2 and Friday 3 July 2015, the USI (Unexpected Sources of Information) event is taking place at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. The event involves 40 talks by thought leaders, scientists, philosophers and entrepreneurs; who come together to exchange ideas and discuss digital transformation.

This year, thanks to embedding a Social Wall on the USI website; attendees and online audiences will be able to follow what’s happening and engage with relating content before, during, and after the event. Along with being available on the website; the USI Social Wall will also be on display via large screens at the event venue.

The Social Wall on Show at USI, Paris


Click here to view the USI Social Wall.

The Social Wall is a public version of the Sociabble brand advocacy platform that aggregates brand content on a single interface and allows all website visitors to share posts on any of their own social networks. Easily embedded and particularly suited to events; the Social Wall enables companies to boost content marketing by driving social media activity directly from brand websites.

Discover how the Social Wall has been used to amplify content by L’Oréal. And additionally for Microsoft TechDays, the most important IT event in Europe.


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