The Top Sociabble Publications of 2015

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Have a Look at the Top Sociabble Publications of 2015

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We’ve had a busy year at Sociabble. A busy year of client launches, product development and, of course, content production. Here are a few of the top publications we released this year.

Infographic: The Facts behind Employee Advocacy

Marketing managers have a lot on their minds. From objectives to KPIs, budgets to credibility, staying both visible and relevant on social media is easier said than done. In this infographic, we explore the challenges marketers face in reaching target audiences, and also how employee advocacy helps them to jump these hurdles.

Webcast: Launching Employee Advocacy on a Global Scale with Microsoft

Following a pilot phase in selected regions, Microsoft deployed an employee advocacy program in 40 countries, engaging around 17 000 employees. In this webcast we discuss what you can expect from an employee advocacy program, the benefits of conducting an initial pilot, as well as how to measure the impact employee advocacy has on business objectives. You can also check out the written case study for more on Microsoft’s global deployment of Sociabble.



Employee Advocacy that Won’t Break the Bank

Want next generation marketing for the price of your morning coffee? It’s possible! Sociabble solutions are easily affordable and with us, you can go so far with an employee advocacy program that won’t break the bank.

Discover more Sociabble publications and case studies.

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