Twitter Research: How to Do Customer Service like a Boss

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Twitter Research: How to Do Customer Service like a Boss

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In order to understand how satisfied users are with customer service interaction on the platform, some Twitter research was conducted. Recently, Twitter surveyed 14,040 members who follow brand customer service accounts, or who have interacted with such accounts in the past six months. Users were asked about their customer service experience in terms of friendliness, personalization, responsiveness, resolution, satisfaction and recommendation.

Twitter Research Results

Based on the results of the Survey, Twitter has issued four key best practices for brands who “want to shift from simply handling customer service to nurturing customer service relationships and experiences”: be friendly, responsive, personal and accessible.



Our favorite takeaway from the Twitter research? The fact that demonstrating these four qualities directly influences customers’ willingness to recommend a company. With word of mouth one of the primary ways in which today’s brands drive visibility, leads and business, we do not want to underestimate the importance of this is.

Read the announcement on the Twitter blog to discover examples of great customer service conversations.

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