5 Reasons Why You Want to Work for a Company with Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy

5 Reasons Why You Want to Work for a Company with Employee Advocacy

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Heard people talking about employee advocacy but not sure what it’s about? Maybe you know others who are part of an initiative at their company, or have seen exchanges about the topic on social media. Either way, if you’re not familiar with employee advocacy as a business practice, you should be. Here are five reasons why you want to work for a company with an employee advocacy initiative in place (trust us, you do).*

1 – You’re Always in the Know

There’s a lot going on at any company, right? An employee advocacy program acts as a one-stop information hub, with all the latest company content published on the web; as well as internal news, organized onto channels. So whether you’re following the company blog, want to view the photos from last week’s company conference, or looking for the latest HR announcements; you know where to go.

2 –Your Professional Development Is a Priority

Social media is one of the main research methods used by companies and business decision makers. And with more and more business conversations taking place on social networks, building a strong online profile is crucial. By aggregating all company publications, as well as external content that relates directly to your job, companies with employee advocacy make it easy for you to share content that reflects your expertise; and therefore to boost your professional development.

3 – Business Objectives Are More Attainable

Want to use social networks to help you achieve business goals? With employee advocacy you can, thanks to company content and relevant external publications that are both easy to access and ready to share. You can stay adrift of industry trends and developments. This helps you to make informed judgments and decisions; and also use content to approach and engage with professional connections on social media.

4 – There’s a Greater Sense of Involvement

When a company launches an employee advocacy initiative, it sends the message that what you as employees have to say is just as important as the brand content that is available to share. This, together with the fact that content aggregation gives you an insight into events and activity you might otherwise have been unaware of (especially in large organizations), means there is an increased sense of involvement in the company as a whole; and that you have a real stake in brand communication.



5 – You’re Part of a Forward-Thinking Business

Social media has become a key method of communication for businesses large and small. Companies that have launched employee advocacy programs haven’t just embraced this shift – they’re ahead of the curve. Why? Because they have recognized that, moving forward, they need to communicate in a more humanized way, that they need to invest in communication that emphasizes their employees’ success, and that the company’s online reputation is largely defined by the people who represent it.

Check out this infographic for the facts behind employee advocacy.

* Disclaimer: the aim of this post is not to encourage you to quit your job. If your company is yet to launch employee advocacy, why not suggest it?

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