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Meet the customer success team!

The customer success team is there to support, guide, and assist our clients every day.

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Why join the customer success team?

By joining our department, you’ll find yourself on the frontlines of employee communication with world-renowned companies, facing daily challenges that will stimulate your creativity and problem-solving abilities.

A Key Role

Your role will be central and pivotal, as you will work closely with all of the company’s teams: Product, Tech, Marketing, Sales.

You will be the coordinator between these different contacts, ensuring smooth and efficient communication.

The Voice of the Customer

What’s more, you’ll become the “voice of the customer” within our company. You’ll share customer feedback internally, propose new ideas, and pass on client suggestions and needs.

Mutual Learning

And of course, with us, learning and professional growth are at the heart of everything we do.

We share all of our knowledge within our multicultural team, learning from each other and growing together.

Day-to-Day Support

Last but not least, the support you’ll provide will shape the day-to-day lives of the employees of the companies that use our platform.

So, are you ready to join us and make a difference?

Customer success:

With different roles adapted to specific skills and markets, it is structured into three segments: Essential, Growth, and Enterprise. Here is an overview of the positions available:
Essential Segment

Digital Customer Success Manager (DCSM)

As Digital Customer Success Manager for the Essential segment, you will be able to manage more than 50 customer accounts simultaneously.

Meeting with customers on an ad hoc basis throughout the year, you will mainly support them remotely. As such, you are fully conversant with digital communication tools, customer engagement, and community management.

Your responsibilities range from customer onboarding to renewal and expansion.

Specific portfolio characteristics:

  • Annual revenue per customer up to €15,000
  • Manage a portfolio of over 50 clients
Growth Segment

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

As a Customer Success Manager in the Growth segment, you are both an outstanding customer consultant and a competent account manager.

You’ll be responsible for onboarding customers, advising them and guiding them towards successful project expansion.

Specific portfolio characteristics:

  • Annual revenue per customer between €15,000 and €100,000
  • Manage a portfolio of around 15 clients
Enterprise Segment

Digital Project Manager (DPM)

As Digital Project Manager, you will support the project’s operational contacts and ensure that it is carried out in accordance with the requirements and objectives previously established.

You are able to coordinate the various parties involved in projects with complex governance and multiple stakeholders. As project management is sophisticated, you are highly organized and meticulously structure all tasks, while maintaining a long-term vision.

Given the complexity of project management, you work closely in tandem with the Customer Success Director.

Specific portfolio characteristics:

  • Annual revenue per customer over €100,000
  • Manage a portfolio of 2 to 5 clients
Enterprise Segment

Customer Success Director (CSD)

As a Customer Success Director, you are both a strategic consultant and an exceptional key account manager. You support the project’s decision-makers and the account’s overall strategy.

As an expert in the navigation and commercial development of key accounts, you are also responsible for managing the project manager(s) with whom you collaborate.

Specific portfolio characteristics:

  • Annual revenue per customer over €100,000
  • Manage a portfolio of 2 to 5 clients

Meet the Sociabble team!

A talented and motivated team, united by ambition and shared values. We combine the experience of seasoned professionals with the passion of young talent, creating a versatile group ready to overcome any obstacle!
Meet Elliot

Chef Customer Officer

After earning his degree in engineering, Elliot worked 10 years in customer relationship management.

He began his career in project management and business development within the manufacturing and energy industries. He then continued to develop his skills as a Sales Manager, as well as his passion for the business of Customer Success.

Elliot began working at Sociabble in 2018, as a Customer Success Manager, and gradually took responsibility for the entire Customer Success team.

Elliot is passionate about sports, especially Crossfit, and he also enjoys drawing and music.

Meet Laura

Customer Success Principal

Although she spent the first ten years of her life in Bath, England, Laura now calls the southwest of France home.

She graduated with an International Management Master in Toulouse.

She joined Sociabble with eight years of experience in marketing and communications, settling into the role of Customer Success Director for its business department.

She enjoys ultra-long-distance cycling, micro-adventures, and travels whenever she gets the chance.

Meet Mathilde

Digital Customer Success Director

After obtaining her Marketing degree from a prestigious school in Rouen, Mathilde moved to England to gain her first experiences in event management.

Mathilde joined the Sociabble team in 2019 as Marketing Project Manager. Thanks to her achievements and dedication to the client platform, she joined the CSM team in 2021. Just a year later, she took on the position of .

Like many Sociabblers, Mathilde shares a devouring passion for cookies.

Meet Mirella

Customer Success Director

With a degree in marketing, Mirella has 9 years’ experience in digital marketing in the events sector.

She joined Sociabble in 2017 as a Customer Success Manager (CSM) and quickly progressed to become the Customer Success Director (CSD) for Enterprise accounts.

A keen hiker and runner, Mirella enjoys exploring new horizons and taking on new challenges, both in her personal and professional life.

Meet Jean-Louis

CEO & Founder of Sociabble

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale Paris, Jean-Louis Bénard co-founded the digital agency FRA while he was still a student there—a company with more than 100 employees dedicated to the implementation of e-platforms such as Ooshop for Carrefour—which he then sold to Digitas in 2001.

In 2003, he created Brainsonic, one of the main independent digital agencies in Paris. In 2014, he founded Sociabble with his earlier business partner, Laurent Gauthier.

Jean-Louis is passionate about sports (skateboarding, windsurfing, trail running, and tennis), which he practices every chance he gets—in France and overseas!

Customer Success Technical Architect (CSTA)

As a CSTA, you will be the technical reference for the Customer Success team.

You are in charge of supporting customers and implementing technical solutions that guarantee the platform’s smooth operation and security, as well as its interconnection with the customer’s digital ecosystem (API, SSO, Widget, etc.).

You will be the customer’s main technical contact throughout the project life cycle.

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