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Internal Communications with Sociabble

Sociabble is a one-stop, gamified engagement hub that boosts internal communications and animates your employee community, improving your company’s overall business communication.

As well as centralizing and driving traffic towards internal communication channels such as intranets and enterprise social networks such as Workplace by Facebook and Yammer, the platform works with a variety of social tools and enterprise solutions to enable employees to easily access relevant information (even marketing communication) that will boost their productivity. Moreover the platform provides features that allow employees to share their own stories through the creation of user-generated content (UGC), and enables administrators to launch employee surveys and other calls to action that help engage employees into an effective communication strategy.

Complete with quizzes, campaigns, polls and badges, and a number of enterprise tool integrations,  the Sociabble internal communications platform is designed to fit seamlessly into and enhance your current internal communications strategy and drive greater employee engagement in the process.

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Internal Communication White Paper

Internal Communication White Paper

Today, it’s harder than ever for your company’s employee communications plan to stand out in a sea of tools and competing information streams.
This white paper gives methods for evolving your strategy to encourage engagement and adoption among your workforce.

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