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Sociabble helps companies turn their employees into an informed, engaged, and influential workforce.
Simple, beautiful, modern, personalized, multi-channel, gamified, meaningful: that’s the digital employee experience your entire workforce deserves.

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Internal Communications

Reach office and deskless workers on the channel they prefer: mobile app, web app, email, intranet, Microsoft Teams or Slack. Engage and align all your employees with targeted, global and local content. Get insights from the field with bottom-up content, surveys and quizzes.

Preserve your storytelling with visual content, newsfeed control and modern employee experience. Make it fun and meaningful with gamification and CSR alignment.

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Employee Advocacy

Increase reach, traffic, and conversion rates through employee advocacy, and boost employee engagement by empowering teams as company brand ambassadors on social media.
Complement your current social media marketing strategy by driving social media influence through your company’s employees.
Let their own enthusiasm and pride in their work help drive positive brand awareness and influence.

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Social Selling

Enable sales teams to demonstrate expertise, engage prospects, generate and track leads through social selling.
Boost your commercial team’s current lead generation strategy by boosting sellers’ social media influence.
When a salesforce becomes seen as experts in their field through the creation and sharing of relevant content, a whole new tool is created for lead generation and closing deals.

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Recruitment & Employer Branding

Amplify recruitment opportunities and develop employer branding on social media. Expand your current HR social media strategy and boost your current brand marketing by engaging employees.
By capitalizing on the innate connections and networks that employees build, your company can gain access to a whole new pool of top-notch talent, building a workforce that’s second-to-none.

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Empower communities of superfans to become brand ambassadors and advocate for your brand on social media, while developing brand affinity through co-creation.
Boost your brand awareness with the help of influencer marketing, and harness the power of your brand’s most dedicated and inspired fans.
With the help of influencers, communities can be created and new fans encouraged.

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Download the Employee Advocacy or Employee Communication white paper

Employee Communication and Employee Advocacy are increasingly seen as crucial components to any company’s online strategy. But they also leave many executives scratching their heads in confusion. In these two white papers, we cut through the clutter and explain how your company can launch its own initiatives and excel at both.

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Employee Advocacy White Paper

How it works


Inform Users with Pertinent Content

Inform users, and enhance company communication by organizing brand, third-party and user-generated content (UGC) onto themed channels on the Sociabble employee advocacy platform.


Interact Through Likes, Comments & Shares

Drive interaction and engage employees through likes, comments, and content sharing, both internally with colleagues and externally to social media audiences.


Engage Your Community

Boost user engagement through gamification and return-use mechanisms, including campaigns, challenges, quizzes, polls and badges.


Measure the Platform’s Impact

Measure user engagement, calculate reach, identify top advocates and trending content, and track resulting conversions (website traffic, job candidates and leads).

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