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Introducing a New Digital Workplace White Paper from Sociabble

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Now more than ever, companies are looking to create an effective digital office to facilitate employee communication and productivity. Here, you can download a new Digital Workplace white paper and learn how to do so effectively.

In this blog post, you will learn about the reasons a Digital Workplace is currently so important, as well as a few aspects of the digital office that should be considered before beginning a project. You’ll also have the opportunity to download a white paper that will provide detailed instructions for getting your company’s Digital Workplace off the ground.

Why is the Digital Workplace so important?

As recent events have clearly shown, the ability to work remotely using digital tools is a must in today’s business environment. Before, it was a “nice to have.” Now, it’s all but mandatory. And one of the key components is mobility. The days of everything happening on a desktop are over. According to the World Advertising Research Center, by 2025, nearly three quarters of all internet users will be using smart phones. In fact, close to 70% of all internet traffic is occurring on mobile devices now. That means the future is not only digital—it’s mobile.

When is a Digital Workplace important?

Well, the simple answer is all the time. But there are specific situations, as we know, in which having remote access to all the necessary work tools is essential. Our concept of the office is itself changing, and with so much occurring online, boundaries are fluid. Workers need a way to have seamless, consolidated access to all the digital tools they use on a daily basis. Having a Digital Workplace is important for:

Business Travel

When employees are traveling for business, it’s important that they can be just as effective from a hotel room as their desk.

Times of Crisis

If nothing else, 2020 showed us that unanticipated events can have a huge impact on how we work. It’s essential that companies have a system in place to address this.

Parenting and Family Duties

There are times when family obligations need to be addressed, which often means employees need to work from home while caring for children or loved ones. An effective Digital Workplace helps the process.

Remote Employees

There are some employees, or simply just temps or contractors, who will always be working remotely and seldom in the office. It is helpful if they have the same capabilities as their fellow employees in the office.

After-Hours Contingencies

No matter how well you plan, occasionally situations will arise outside of normal working hours when access to the physical office is not possible. If a time difference means a client has to have that conference call at midnight, a Digital Workplace can make that happen.

International Collaborations

Let’s not forget that global companies are often conducting business with offices and clients that are far away. A powerful Digital Office makes it feel like everyone is collaborating, and working together under the same roof.  

So why is the concept of “The Digital Workplace” so complicated?

Lots of companies want to achieve it, but far fewer actually understand what the term means, or how best to set one up. Yes, it seems to connote a virtual office, a digital space where employees can interact and get their work done, but what does that specifically entail? Here are a few reasons getting such a program off the ground can be complicated.

Unclear Concept

Without a clear concept in mind of what the Digital Office will entail, it’s impossible to actually put the plan into action and develop it into something functional.

Multiple Solutions with Considerable Overlap

There are a ton of platforms and applications out there that claim they can help, with shared functionalities and redundant capabilities. Which one is best?

Too Many Voices in the Decision-Making Process

When planning the Digital Workplace, everyone from CEO’s to Sales Specialists to the Legal Department will have different ideas of what the space needs to accomplish, and how best to implement it.

Belief that Everything Can be Accomplished with One Tool

Decision-makers and stakeholders too often are convinced that one simple solution can solve all their problems. They think there’s a lone panacea that can take care of everything. For example, a single intranet solution.

digital workplace white paper

What is the solution? Download the white paper and find out.

In this Digital Workplace white paper, we’ll discuss each and every step your company needs to follow to establish an effective digital office. We’ll cover the common mistakes companies make, the reasons some efforts fail, and the simple, concrete actions you can take to ensure that your project is a success.

At Sociabble, we have years of experience helping companies like yours with employee communication. In fact, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies in over 80 countries around the world, including industry leaders like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Vinci, and L’Occitane.

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