The Importance of Employee Recognition on Social Media

Employee Advocacy

Recognizing your Employees is Important, Now Take it One Step Further On Social Media

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Employee recognition schemes have been around for longer than social media; companies have been rewarding their ‘employees of the week/month’ since day dot.  However, in today’s digital world such initiatives have taken on an even greater meaning.

Social media enables you to open your door to new ideas, as well as build engagement and team-spirit.  Recognition in all its forms is an integral part of this, and is a proven method of driving bottom-line results.



Help Your Employees to Help You

Feedback, whether good or bad, is always preferable to no response at all.   Responding demonstrates that you appreciate employees’ contributions and that you respect what it is they have to say.

On social media, there is no need to wait for the weekly meeting to hand out feedback. Employees can be reached readily.  When you give direct feedback they become more engaged and more open to collaboration.

A Little Employee Recognition Goes a Very Long Way

Recognition should encompass all achievements.  One of the best things about social media is that it creates a level playing field for employees. They have easy access to encourage each other.

Their ability to do this, however, is dependent on good leadership.  The more information you make available on social media, the more your employees will learn about all company activity.  Indeed, engaging with social media content allows individuals to place what they do in a wider, more informed context, and to understand how their work is having an impact on overall company goals.


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