Sociabble Featured by Tree-Nation in Latest Interview

Picture of Sociabble By   Sociabble  

Sociabble CEO Jean-Louis Bénard was interviewed by our partner organization Tree-Nation, to discuss how companies can pitch in to promote positive environmental change.

Corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness have always been important to us at Sociabble, and we’ve always looked to partner with organizations that share our enthusiasm and commitment. Which is why we were especially excited to team up with Tree-Nation for our Sociabble Trees program, an initiative that rewards employee engagement by planting trees in their name, in vulnerable forests around the world.

We were also honored have our CEO, Jean-Louis Bénard, interviewed by Tree-Nation and featured on their blog, to discuss the role that all companies can play in reforestation and building environmental awareness, while also boosting employee engagement. You can read the whole interview here to learn more about this impactful new program.

And if you’d like to learn more about Sociabble, we’re happy to offer a free demo of our employee communication platform, as well as Sociabble Trees.

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