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Sociabble is proud to offer an internal communication innovation: its employee newsletters and notifications engine, tailor-made to address the challenges of corporate communication in today’s fast-paced, information-rich, online world.

Below is a summary of the reasons companies have to adapt their internal company newsletter tool approach, and how the Sociabble engine gets the job done—and then some.

Quality content in your internal company newsletter matters. But so does distribution.

Of course, when it comes to providing content to employees, quality and quantity both matter. After all, employees want to read updates and articles that are relevant, informative, and well-crafted. And giving them a steady diet of content will help with engagement all the more.

However, the manner in which employee content is distributed is perhaps even more important. You can’t expect employees to naturally flock to your internal communication platform for the latest company information—especially when so much of that information is untargeted, and not directly relevant for the majority of employees and their respective projects.

The highest-quality content in the world won’t make a difference if nobody is reading it. Which is why your internal company newsletter communication tool makes all the difference.

Getting employees’ attention with you internal company newsletter is critical. But not easy.

To actually catch the attention of employees, to share the latest company and industry news, means competing with a vast array of social media apps, collaboration tool notifications, and hundreds of emails.

Essentially, standing out in a barrage of information, over the course of a busy workday when employees don’t have very much free time. This may explain why only 13% of employees report participating in their intranet on a daily basis—instead they’re spending as much as 70% of their digital media time on their own personal mobile devices, checking on social apps like Facebook and Twitter.

How can a company stand out in this blizzard of competing information? How can the crucial company news get through?

Employee newsletters are a traditional answer. With traditional problems.

Newsletters have always been a painful subject for communication teams. It’s complicated to get the information, balance it between departments, include third-party market sources, and put it into a crisp, pleasing format.

Most employee newsletters end up awkward and ungainly, documents that are way too long, way too irrelevant, and seldom read. It might be the newsletter employees are the least likely to open, rather than the most.

There are newsletter examples and best practices you can follow to improve your open rate and engagement. It e And in most cases, email is the only way to reach employees—there are no instant notifications, no mobile alerts. And all that time and energy that went into the employee newsletter is wasted.

At Sociabble, we have a solution for internal company newsletter. And a track-record to prove it.

Over the past five years, we’ve worked with more than 200 companies on hundreds of communication projects, in over 80 countries around the world.

We’ve fine-tuned the communication needs of global companies tackling all sorts of communication barriers, via integrated, technology-based and methodology-based solutions. And this summer, that experience culminated in the release of our employee newsletter & notifications engine, cutting-edge and top-of-the-line in the industry.

We take the subject seriously because we know the kind of difference an effective newsletter and notification component can make. We’ve seen our internal newsletter software help turn internal communication around.

The only platform on the market that offers a strong, fully native combination of Employee Communications features.

We develop all our  features internally, ensuring a seamless, integrated experience. Every aspect of the platform is thought through in relation to the other to guarantee a complete and effortless user journey to all users.

As the only fully Microsoft Azure SaaS platform on the market, we can leverage all the resources to their full potential, which isn’t possible for platforms that have merged different technologies through acquisition over the years.

Introducing Sociabble’s new internal company newsletter and notification engine.

Our engine has a host of features designed to turn your company communications into sleek, elegant, and effective newsletters.

Features include:

Targeting Options

In this day and age, one global newsletter simply won’t work. A company needs multiple, highly-targeted employee newsletters that speak to a specific and relevant segment of the workforce.

With Sociabble’s internal newsletter software, you can build recurring or one-shot newsletters targeting specific groups in your company, based around department, position, interests, or even engagement levels (i.e. employees who haven’t interacted within the last 30 days).

<p><em>With Sociabble, you can create targeted newsletters that reach the relevant segement of employees.</em></p>
<h3 id=Automated Dynamic Content

In addition to being targeted, employee newsletters need automated, curated content.

For example, a first section with content from the last channel the employee subscribed to, followed by content based around relevant tags that were searched, will grab their attention from the get-go.

Essentially, this creates a customized, personalized newsletter. To make this sort of automation easy, Sociabble provides a toolbox for building dynamic employee newsletters, and allows for different combinations of dynamic and static sections.

Newsletter communication tool
Content that’s automatically curated takes the headaches out of filling up all that space.

Branded Templates

One of the major issues employee newsletters face is the simple fact that they’re difficult to lay out in a professional, pleasing way. And forget about branding.

Sociabble’s engine solves that problem with a host of templates and various branding capabilities.

So the newsletter will be tailored to the employee, but also the company itself, helping it to stand apart instantly from the other competing sources of information that employees receive on a daily basis.

Newsletter communication tool

Make your company’s newsletter stand out with a unique, branded appearance.

Translation Capabilities

For global companies, language differences can pose a problem—especially when it comes to employee newsletters. And manual translation is practically impossible on a larger scale.

With Sociabble, translation is automatic, based on location, with a base of 60 different languages that can be accommodated.

There is also the capacity to edit translations to make it more official, with time-zone management so that newsletters arrive at the ideal moment in the day, no matter where employees are located.

Newsletter communication tool

Don’t let linguistic differences get in the way. Sociabble can translate over 60 different languages.

Instant Mobile Notifications

All newsletters are mirrored in mobile app notifications, so that the employee journey remains smooth, and they know right away when the latest newsletter is available.

Notifications can also be sent regarding important content, like breaking news, polls, quizzes, etc.

Newsletter communication tool

Instant notifications let employees know when the news they need is ready.

Full Analytics

When it comes to performance, managing employee newsletters without analytics wouldn’t make sense.

That’s the reason why the company admins have access to complete reports that help them adjust the content, the time of delivery, etc., to optimize the newsletters for ideal performance.

Newsletter communication tool

Full analytic reports give admins the ability to gauge the effectiveness of their newsletters.

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