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User-Generated Content on Sociabble

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Want your employees to propose great content that relates to your company and what it does? Content that can be shared by all employees on their own social networks, as well as on main company pages? On Sociabble, this is possible.

Users on Sociabble can propose new content by copying and pasting URLs from elsewhere on the web onto a dedicated UGC dashboard. After they have inserted the link, they can finalize the appearance of the post by modifying the title, description and image. Users can also propose content via the Sociabble Chrome extension, which allows them to import URLs to the Sociabble platform directly from their browser.

At this point, the content is submitted to administrators and, if approved, will appear on the Sociabble platform ready to be shared, alongside all other aggregated posts.



Sociabble users have access to a content creation dashboard, on which they can view the content they have proposed and see whether it is in draft format, waiting for approval or has been published on the platform. They receive points for successfully suggesting content, while their profile picture is also displayed alongside all of their published posts.

User-generated content is an extremely important aspect of the Sociabble user experience; it makes it easy for employees to share great content they discover with their colleagues, and to access that which is found by others. By aggregating and organizing posts from company communication channels, integrated listening tools and employees themselves, Sociabble works with organizations to make sure their users have access to the widest, but also most relevant, range of content.

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