CSR projects

Empower employees on CSR projects

People want to work for a company they are proud of – a company that is committed. Make CSR alignment a priority while boosting employee engagement, all thanks to Sociabble’s gamification features.

Sociabble Trees

Reforest the world and grow engagement

Reward the actions of your employees, both big and small, online or offline, every single day. Company anniversary? Trees to all employees! Reach a sales target? Trees to the Sales team! Attend a company training? A tree for your engagement!

Thanks to a partnership with Tree-Nation, Sociabble users can receive physical rewards in the form of trees planted on their behalf to reforest the world and fight climate change. Employees and companies can share their forest view externally onto their personal social networks. They also have access to their calculated CO2 footprint reduction.

Support My Cause

Company-wide call for CSR projects

Sociabble offers a new engaging way to handle company-wide campaigns that allow Administrators to gather employees’ ideas and suggestions across the organization. Employees can propose ideas, vote for a winner, and get informed and involved about their company’s CSR projects.

A scalable way to orchestrate CSR initiatives
Reach your entire workforce with one platform. Manage the CSR project selection across a multi-country organization with campaigns that can be run at the local level and targeted to specific audiences to ensure that projects reflect the reality on the ground. Automate and scale the sourcing and selection process thanks to the Sociabble engagement framework (alerts and notifications, promotions, etc.).

Give visibility

Give your CSR projects the internal visibility they deserve

Give internal visibility to your projects by leveraging your employee communication platform. Pin content about the latest campaign at the top of the wall, talk about it in your newsletters, alert employees of ongoing efforts.

Get everyone sharing
Enable employees to give visibility to CSR projects through advocacy. Thanks to sharing options, and easy and ready-to-use content available on Sociabble, employees can talk about their company’s initiatives on social networks with confidence.