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Employee Advocacy with Sociabble

With rising paid media costs, limited organic reach, and increased scepticism in regard to brand advertising it’s incredibly difficult for marketers to increase brand awareness and truly engage target audiences. Launching an employee advocacy platform and engaging in employee advocacy marketing and company brand advocacy is now an important part of the marketing mix in social media marketing.

The Sociabble employee advocacy platform addresses these challenges head-on allowing you to boost visibility, employee engagement, and lead generation by empowering employees to increase their social influence and become company brand ambassadors on social media.

Beyond a social media aggregator, the platform provides employees a one-stop hub of company,  internal or external and social media content. With powerful content curation add-ons, Sociabble makes employee advocacy easy, intuitive, informative, and engaging for its users. Content shared by individuals is received with greater trust than that originating from direct advertising, making employee advocacy a powerful  compliment to marketers’ content marketing and social media strategy.

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Sociabble White Paper Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy White Paper

The digital world is changing, and employee advocacy is more important than ever.
In this white paper, you’ll learn 10 key strategies to ensure that your company’s program is a roaring success.

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