Sociabble for HR

Who better to communicate about your employer brand than the people who know it best?

Not only do your employees know your company better than anyone else, but they are connected to others with similar interests and profiles; individuals who could just be your next best job candidates.

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Sociabble for HR

Optimize social recruitment and showcase your employer brand

Sociabble makes it easy for you to improve your social recruiting efforts by amplifying job opportunities and employer brand content.

Save on job post promotion and paid media recruitment efforts by empowering employees as brand advocates on social media.

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Sociabble HR - Optimize social recruitment and showcase your employer brand

Enhance social recruitment


Aggregate & amplify

Sociabble enables you to aggregate all recruitment communication and organize it onto themed channels from which employees can share with their own social media connections.

Drive peer-to-peer recruitment and employee referrals, by engaging your people as employer brand advocates.

DEDICATED CHANNEL Aggregate & Amplify


Develop employer branding

In addition to sharing job opportunities, invite employees to share their own stories by submitting user-generated content (UGC).

Particularly effective during events and recruitment campaigns, UGC is a great way of creating an additional window into company life and developing your employer brand.

TALENT OF YOUR COMPANY - Develop Employer Branding



Sociabble allows you to launch campaigns and challenges that draw attention to specific job descriptions while using quizzes and polls to engage your employee community.

Use gamification to push the latest recruitment opportunities and employer brand content and drive team spirit among your employees.



Measure engagement

Sociabble analytics allow you to track user activity, as well as the engagement generated among social media audiences.

The platform also enables you to track the website traffic and job candidates generated by employees’ sharing activity.

TRack performance and Measure engagement


Internal communications

Together with user segmentation, push notifications, and custom newsletters, dedicated internal communications channels enable you to make Sociabble a one-stop information hub.

User-generated content is also a great way of driving collaboration within and between teams. Discover more about Sociabble for internal communications.

AN ENGAGING CONTENT HUB Internal communications


User journey

Available as a native app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, Sociabble is designed for users on the move.

Sociabble’s easy to use platform integrates with enterprise tools such as Salesforce and Office 365 and can be implemented using single sign-on (SSO) and active directory authentication.

MOBILE FIRST User journey

Employee Advocacy White Paper

The digital world is changing, and employee advocacy is more important than ever.
In this white paper, you’ll learn 10 key strategies to ensure that your company’s program is a roaring success.

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Employee Advocacy White Paper

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