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What makes Sociabble different from Staffbase?

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One Tool Fits All: For Office Or Frontline.

Sociabble excels in uniting office workers and frontline workers on one platform, enabling seamless connection and collaboration across the entire company.
For Employee Communication

Embeded Document Repository

Sociabble's built-in content hub is a centralized repository for all of your company's content, including documents, photos, and videos

Engagement Mechanisms

Boost engagement with Sociabble's customizable badges, kudos, and rewards. Delegate sharing rights for executives, link posts to campaigns, and recognize top performers.
For Employee Engagement
Ratings given by real users, coming from the G2 comparison website, in 2023.
See how users rate Sociabble vs. Staffbase on G2
Meets Requirements 9.0 8.9
Ease of Use 9.3 9.4
Ease of Setup 9.1 8.7
Product Direction 9.5 9.4
Quality of Support 9.5 9.4
Discover the features that set Sociabble apart from Staffbase
Media Library
Biometrics to Sign on The App
Customised Time Period of the Analytics

They trust Sociabble over Staffbase:

Allianz France

Sociabble is a great platform which gives the opportunity to companies to increase their employee advocacy. My customer success manager is always available to give advice and answers in order to use the service at its full potential!

Client review on G2
Seamless Flexibility

Sociabble's diverse feature set for every organizational challenge.

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Sociabble’s employee communication solution addresses large organizations’ needs with multi-country, multi-language, large governance, and scalability solutions.

Yes, at Sociabble, security is our top priority. We adhere to the EBIOS RM method for risk management and constantly monitor technological advancements and security threats.

All data on Sociabble is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and we maintain strict logging and monitoring systems to detect any suspicious activity.

Our Agile approach includes secure coding practices, extensive testing in secluded environments, and vulnerability assessments to ensure a highly secure solution for our clients.

Yes, Sociabble offers extensive customization options.

You can brand the app and content, customize the web platform interface with your branding guidelines, and personalize the mobile application’s interface, logos, and app name.

Additionally, the landing page, corporate newsletters, and various templates can be customized to reflect your unique brand.

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