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What makes Sociabble different from Hootsuite?

Don't limit yourself with Hootsuite when you can embrace Sociabble's progressive approach to employee advocacy and engagement.

Engagement & Gamification

Maximize employee motivation and active engagement using Sociabble's gamification features, such as: customizable badges, kudos, and rewards. Empower executives to share content, align posts with campaigns, and acknowledge top performers!
For Employee Engagement

Ease of Use

Our easy-to-use solution makes it simple for anyone in your company to get involved in promoting your brand. So don't just rely on your social media team: get everyone on board!
For Employee Advocacy

Content Curation

Integrate Sociabble Content Curation to effortlessly incorporate fresh, relevant third-party content into Employee Advocacy and Social Selling programs, enabling teams to collaborate on content curation and automate content flows.
For Employee Communication
Ratings given by real users, coming from the G2 comparison website, in 2023.
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Meets Requirements 9.0 8.3
Ease of Use 9.3 8.4
Ease of Setup 9.1 8.4
Ease of Admin 9.1 8.5
Quality of Support 9.5 8.0
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Designed for Enterprise Corporations​
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Employee Engagement Features
Employee Advocacy Scenarios

They trust Sociabble over Hootsuite:

Adecco Group France
Allianz France
Renault Group

Sociabble helped us to connect all 70,000 of our colleagues, regardless of their location, language, or role.

The platform made it easy for us to remove silos and barriers in order to create a true, open and collaborative culture where everyone’s voice is heard.

Client review on G2
Seamless Flexibility

Sociabble's diverse feature set for every organizational challenge.

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Sociabble offers a comprehensive dashboard enabling the management of internal communications, social selling, and employee advocacy in one place. You’ll get a global overview of content performance and user activities.

The dashboard allows multi-dimensional analysis of your data with the flexibility to focus on what matters most to you. You can ‘slice and dice’ data by applying various filters and even personalize your analysis periods.

Exportable data in multiple formats allows you to create your own reporting, making your data management as effective and streamlined as possible.

Indeed, Sociabble offers automation features to enhance your efficiency. With AI-driven content curation and scheduling, as well as real-time analytics, managing employee engagement is a breeze.

By automating routine tasks, Sociabble lets you focus on what matters most: engaging and empowering your employees. Enjoy more productivity with less effort!

Sociabble effortlessly integrates with various social media feeds and news sources, thanks to our continuous investment in third-party content aggregation.

With us, you can easily integrate feeds from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vkontakte, and SlideShare, along with RSS feeds.

Our platform also supports user and admin generated content like internal news, polls, and quizzes. We’ve established official agreements with social networks to ensure GDPR compliance.

All this content is neatly organized and easily accessible on both web & mobile, making Sociabble a handy tool for empowering your employees.

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