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Experience the advantage of local support available across various time zones with Sociabble. Our dedicated team ensures prompt assistance and personalized service.
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Engagement Mechanisms

Boost engagement with Sociabble's customizable badges, kudos, and rewards. Delegate sharing rights for executives, link posts to campaigns, and recognize top performers.
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Translation Capabilities

Choose from 16 languages and enjoy automatic content translation in 50+ languages. Create and share multilingual content, customize your language interface, and let automatic translations bridge the gap.
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Ratings given by real users, coming from the G2 comparison website, in 2023.
See how users rate Sociabble vs. EveryoneSocial on G2
Meets Requirements 9.0 9.1
Ease of Use 9.3 9.3
Ease of Setup 9.1 8.5
Ease of Admin 9.1 8.7
Quality of Support 9.5 8.8
Discover the features that set Sociabble apart from EveryoneSocial
Employee Engagement Capabilities
Badges & Kudos
Delegation of Sharing
Campaigns & Challenges

They trust Sociabble over EveryoneSocial:

Allianz France
Adecco Group France

Sociabble is a super engaging platform. I really like the ease of use, and the variety of applications of this platform are endless.

Adaptability at its Finest

Comprehensive solutions for every scenario.

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Sociabble is designed for a global workforce. As a cloud-based platform, it’s accessible anywhere with internet, making it perfect for remote or distributed teams. Our mobile apps for iOS and Android ensure engagement on-the-go, regardless of location.

Sociabble provides flexible solutions for seamless onboarding, fitting all business types. Integration with HR management software aids in real-time workforce updates. For offboarding, our platform ensures smart and automated handling of inactive users, maintaining an updated user base.

Sociabble effortlessly integrates with various social media feeds and news sources, thanks to our continuous investment in third-party content aggregation.

With us, you can easily integrate feeds from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vkontakte, and SlideShare, along with RSS feeds. Our platform also supports user and admin generated content like internal news, polls, and quizzes.

We’ve established official agreements with social networks to ensure GDPR compliance. All this content is neatly organized and easily accessible on both web & mobile, making Sociabble a handy tool for empowering your employees.

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