Employee Advocacy ~ 1 min

7 ways employee advocacy helps cybersecurity companies

Guide to cybersecurity employee advocacy: trust, leads, talent, and more!
Table of Contents
  1. Growing organic social media reach while saving paid media costs
  2. Fostering thought leadership: getting execs on social media
  3. Boosting employer branding: attracting and retaining top talent
  4. Becoming an industry leader: staying updated with the market
  5. Enhancing social selling: lead generation and deal influence
  6. Keeping bad buzz at bay or repairing brand's reputation
  7. Increasing event and webinar attendance

Industry leaders like Nuspire, Aqua Security, and Critical Start have joined forces with Sociabble to achieve immediate business goals.The cybersecurity market is booming, but the amount of competition is also increasing rapidly. More and more companies are emerging and providing services in niche sectors—from cloud security to data loss prevention to end point protection, to name a few. There is a real marketing battle going on, and it affects everything from finding new clients, to talent acquisition and retention. Decision-makers (CISOs and other IT security professionals) have more choices than ever. And because security is always a sensitive topic for any business, they take many things into consideration before choosing the right provider.

“24% of respondents consider the reputation of the company to be the most decisive factor.”

So, what really drives the final buying decision? In a study conducted by Delnia, they found that while product features generally make the most difference when making a final buying decision (44%), it’s interesting to note that 24% of respondents consider the reputation of the company to be the most decisive factor. Another 15% consider their trust in the individual salesperson to be most important in the final decision.

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