Employee Communication ~ 2 min

The secret of hypergrowth champions

Fast-growing companies thrive with employee communication & advocacy.
Table of Contents
  1. What do unicorns and other fast-growing companies have in common?
  2. Most hypergrowth challenges have a common point
  3. More critical than customer lifetime value: employee lifetime value
  4. How smart employee communications can support hypergrowth
  5. How employee advocacy & social selling can support hypergrowth
Yes, unicorns are real. And so is the power of their employees.

What do unicorns like Contentsquare, Freshworks, Sidetrade and Leboncoin have in common?

Yes, they’re all fast-growing companies, and yes, they’ve generated enormous amounts of investment. But more importantly for our purposes, they’ve all harnessed the full power of smart internal communications, as well as the social media power of their employees to promote the brand and make it a success.
During the last few years, we here at Sociabble have had the opportunity to partner with these great companies and work together on concrete initiatives to empower their employees online and generate a tangible, business impact. And we’d love to team up with a company like yours to achieve similar results. Because when time is the most valuable resource you possess, having a powerful platform backed up by employee champions for your brand can make all the difference.
Obviously, becoming a unicorn isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it. For a company, becoming a unicorn, a decacorn, or even just a fast-growing business, isn’t easy. You have to increase your MRR at the speed of light, which is the most visible challenge, while also surmounting all the other problems that lurk just beneath the surface. And many of these hidden challenges will rise at the same time. 
So what challenges do you face as an aspiring unicorn? Here’s just a taste.
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