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The employee communication RFP template

Compare employee communication platforms with our RFP template.
Table of Contents
  1. Company introduction
  2. Project overview (goals, timeline and requirement)
  3. List of documents to be delivered
  4. Submission requirements

Did you know that there’s a simple way to choose the best Employee Communication platform for your company?Building an RFP template can be a daunting and time-consuming task. That’s why we are introducing the Employee Communication template: a simple, ready to use, free template designed to help you find the perfect tool for your employee communication needs.

Organizations have come to understand the importance of Employee Communication but also the need for a tool to streamline, maintain, adapt, and evolve with the business needs of companies.

This template has been created to facilitate the assessment of tools based on our experience gained from more than 100 RFPs addressed, and over 200 platforms launched, in various industries and for companies of different sizes.

This RFP template is divided into several sections. It is designed to cover all critical aspects of a vendor’s company, platform, support, security, and legal processes. The features are grouped under relevant categories to evaluate the extent of use as well as the End-User and management experience allowed by the vendor’s platform.
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