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How to engage your employees and increase productivity with employee communication insights
3 coworkers collaborating on a lap top in a hallway balcony
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Choosing the Best Communication Platform after Workplace from Meta

Many companies are wondering: Where to go next after Workplace from Meta? In this article, we’ll present the most effective…

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Vinci Energies Chooses Sociabble to Manage its Global and Local Communications

Vinci Energies has over 90,000 employees located all around the world—and to keep them all connected with company news and…

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Finding Your Next Employee Communication Platform After Workplace from Meta

It’s time for a transition. The end of Workplace from Meta presents companies with the opportunity to up their internal…

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How Large Companies Can Revolutionize Their Internal Communication with Sociabble

Learn why internal communications need to be managed differently at large companies, and how Sociabble can make a critical difference.…

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Navigating from Workplace from Meta to a New Platform: What You Need to Know

With Workplace from Meta shutting down, many companies are left wondering where to go next. In this article, we’ll give…

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Communications 101: What Can You Do to Encourage Employees to Read Announcements?

So the big question: What can you do to encourage employees to read announcements? If you’ve worked in internal communications,…

role of generative ai in employee communications
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Generative AI’s Role in Employee Communication: From Challenges to Solutions

In the evolving landscape of employee communication, generative AI emerges as a transformative force. Its potential to reshape how companies…

HR communicating around a computer at work
 Blog ~ 13 min

How to Create a Successful HR Communication Strategy 

Discover why effective HR communication is essential for business success and learn how to implement a winning strategy.

Communication Channels: How to Manage Them Effectively
 Blog ~ 17 min

Communication Channels: How to Manage Them Effectively

Communication channels, properly managed, can make the difference between an organization that runs smoothly, and a place that’s chaotic and…

Upward Communication: How to Improve It and Increase Employee Engagement
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Upward Communication: how to improve it and increase employee engagement

Upward communication is often overlooked, but it’s an absolutely necessary component of a strong internal communication program—without it, there is…

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A Double-Edged Sword: The Risks of Using Generative AI in Employee Communication

In the dynamic landscape of technology, generative AI stands out, promising transformative changes across industries. Yet, with its ascent, it…

tata realty invests in internal communications
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Now is the Right Time to Invest in Internal Communications

When is a good time to invest time and money into your health and fitness? Typically, it is done in…

Frequently asked questions

The essentials of employee communication

In addition to employee communication insights here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Effective crisis communication is the timely and accurate dissemination of information to stakeholders during a crisis to manage perceptions, mitigate damage, and guide response actions, emphasizing transparency, accountability, and reassurance.

The main factors of effective communication are clarity, conciseness, consistency, completeness, and consideration, which ensure that messages are understood, impactful, and appropriately tailored to the audience.

The most common channel of communication varies depending on the context, but email is generally considered the most prevalent and widely used channel for professional and business communication. However, email has many limitations. Other communication channels allow greater freedom in transmitting information.

Good communication skills encompass active listening, clarity in expressing ideas, empathy, adaptability, non-verbal communication, and the ability to articulate thoughts effectively, fostering clear and meaningful interactions.

  • Employee mobile app
  • Internal newsletter
  • Employee surveys
  • Enterprise chat
  • Company newsfeed and content aggregation
  • Microsoft tools integration
  • Employee recognition & reward system
  • Onboarding system
  • Multilingual translation
  • Video and Live broadcast platform
  1. Assess your current situation
  2. Define your internal communication goals
  3. Identify and segment your audience
  4. Outline your messages
  5. Build an internal communication strategy
  6. Select relevant communication channels
  7. Choose the appropriate internal communication tool
  8. Set timeline and budget
  9. Analyze and adapt best practices for internal communication
  10. Measure, analyze, and improve

An internal communications strategy establishes the business goals that center on employee communication, and lays out the steps needed to achieve them.

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