Employer branding

How to use employer branding insights to create a positive work culture
How Tata Realty Led a Successful Merger Through Seamless Employee Communication
history_edu Client Success Stories ~ 10 min

Employee Communication: How Tata Realty Achieved a Successful Merger Thanks to Unified Internal Comms

Can it be challenging to merge drastically different companies? Of course. But can the right employee comms strategy ease the…

article Blog ~ 8 min

Branded Mobile Apps: A Game Changer for Internal Communication & Employee Engagement

A branded app is more than just a nice bonus when it comes to employee engagement. It’s a crucial component…

article Blog ~ 11 min

Leveraging Employee Advocacy: How to Improve Your Company’s Online Reputation

Few things are more valuable to a business these days than its online reputation. Customers and clients increasingly rely on…

measure brand advocacy
article Blog ~ 9 min

Unlocking the Power of Brand Advocacy: How to Successfully Measure Its Impact

Brand advocacy is a common practice among companies when it comes to spreading positive awareness. What’s not common knowledge, however,…

article Blog ~ 13 min

Brand Advocacy: What It Means, and Why You Need to Implement It

Brand advocacy is a marketing technique that’s been proven to be highly effective, yet is still widely underused. In this…

5 Steps to Showcase your Thought Leadership
article Blog ~ 7 min

5 Steps to Showcase your Thought Leadership

In today’s volatile business climate, competition is fierce. To be truly adaptive, the world of B2B must maintain a successful,…

Personal Branding
article Blog ~ 3 min

Personal Branding, Self-Promotion and Blowing Your Own Horn

How much of personal branding is pure self-promotion? Is it all about showing off how great you are at your…

Frequently asked questions

The essentials of employer branding

In addition to employer branding insights here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions
Employer branding is a company or organization’s reputation as an employer. Employer branding facilitates a company or organization’s ability to recruit and retain top employees.
Personal branding is a way for you to build your reputation both off and online. It is how people recognize and remember you and often includes the personal marketing of a career as a brand.
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