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Sociabble and the Microsoft Office 365 Environment

Streamline communication, boost engagement, and drive visibility

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The leading Microsoft ecosystem ready employee advocacy and engagement platform

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Sociabble and Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 marketing employee advocacy

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Sociabble offers a full suite of integrations including Microsoft Office 365.

Streamline communication, boost employee engagement, and drive visibility on social media – all from a single platform, integrated into your existing Microsoft ecosystem.

More than an employee advocacy platform, Sociabble is a one-stop portal for all company communication and one that transforms your Office 365 environment into a dynamic knowledge and engagement hub.

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How it works

  • Repository/ Intranets
  • Digital Workspace
  • Project collaboration
  • Engagement Hub
  • Advocacy
  • Sociabble integration sharepoint
  • sociabble office 365
  • Yammer and Microsoft Teams
  • Mobile and Desktop Ready
  • Information Center

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