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Sociabble and the Microsoft Office 365 Environment

Streamline communication, boost engagement, and drive visibility

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The leading Microsoft ecosystem ready employee advocacy and engagement platform

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Sociabble and Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 marketing employee advocacy

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Sociabble offers a full suite of integrations including Microsoft Office 365.

Streamline communication, boost employee engagement, and drive visibility on social media – all from a single platform, integrated into your existing Microsoft ecosystem.

More than an employee advocacy platform, Sociabble is a one-stop portal for all company communication and one that transforms your Office 365 environment into a dynamic knowledge and engagement hub.

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White paper microsoft office 365

Employee Advocacy Microsoft Teams & Yammer

This white paper explores how companies that use Microsoft Teams and Yammer can easily leverage external content, including both company news on social networks and industry news, to get better-informed, engaged, and influential employees.

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How it works

  • Repository/ Intranets
  • Digital Workspace
  • Project collaboration
  • Engagement Hub
  • Advocacy
  • Sociabble integration sharepoint
  • sociabble office 365
  • Yammer and Microsoft Teams
  • Mobile and Desktop Ready
  • Information Center

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