Sociabble and the Microsoft Office 365 environment

Sociabble integrates fully into the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem, providing a seamless experience for employees using Microsoft’s collaborative and workflow management tools.

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Sociabble and Microsoft Office 365

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Sociabble offers a full suite of integrations, including Microsoft Office 365.

Streamline communication, boost employee engagement, and drive visibility on social media – all from a single platform, integrated into your existing Microsoft ecosystem.

More than an employee advocacy platform, Sociabble is a one-stop portal for all company communication, that transforms your Office 365 environment into a dynamic knowledge and engagement hub.

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Sociabble and Microsoft Office 365

Get informed & influential employees on Microsoft Teams & Yammer

This white paper explores how companies that use Microsoft Teams and Yammer can easily leverage external content, including both company news on social networks and industry news, to get better-informed, engaged, and influential employees.

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Sociabble White Paper: Getting Informed & Influential Employees on Microsoft Teams & Yammer

How it works



With Sharepoint integration you can now drive traffic to static document repositories and highlight specific types of content.

Sociabble and Microsoft Office 365: Repository and intranet


Digital Workspace – Office 365 & Azure

Sociabble SaaS is fully hosted on Microsoft Azure, allowing for easy scale-up, as well as all the benefits of a cloud environment, including Azure active directory integration for a secure and streamlined login experience and Office 365 single sign-on for Office 365 users.

Synchronize Sociabble with employees’ daily workflow by integrating the platform into the Office 365 environment in both web-part or widget format, to display the latest Sociabble posts throughout the user journey.

Sociabble and Microsoft Office 365: Azure active directory integration


Yammer and Microsoft Teams

Sociabble integrates with a variety of Microsoft tools, including Yammer and Microsoft Teams.

Drive your employees to content on your enterprise social networks or project management tools and facilitate engagement with content and projects currently active within these spaces.

Sociabble and Microsoft Office 365: Integration Teams

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