Promote your important messages

Make sure that the important information is effectively seen, whether it is local operational communication provided by local managers, or key corporate information produced by the head office.

Circulate global and local messages


Snackable, visual, engaging content

With Sociabble, administrators and users alike can create photos, videos, audio content. Paired with engaging storytelling it creates excitement and a sense of belonging. Administrators have access to many innovative content formats, such as quizzes, surveyscalls to action, etc.

Provide a familiar feel

Users will find an online format that’s already familiar to them, in line with their existing social media habits, within a secure environment.

AN ENGAGING CONTENT HUB Snackable, visual, engaging content


Important information effectively seen

Sociabble is designed to ensure the visibility of content for those who need it most. Administrators can pin content that must be seen by everyone and can create campaigns to measure performance.

Themed and relevant channels

The channels make it possible to create themed spaces accessible to all, or to specific audiences (i.e., sales, managers, operators, etc.). Channel subscription can be mandatory or optional. Categories, filters, and an advanced search engine offer numerous possibilities for classification and content navigation.

CONTENT VISIBILITY Messages that are seen - Themed and relevant spaces


Harness the power of groups

The full power of Sociabble rests on the possibilities provided by your company directory. Create functional, hierarchical, regional, product, or brand groups, and you will have the most flexible and precise communication tool you’ve ever known.

Build audiences with pin-point accuracy

For each piece of content, you can choose the audience (a Boolean combination of groups) that you want to address. This ensures that the employees who need the information most will receive it.

PERFECTLY CALIBRATED SEGMENTATION Harness the power of groups - Build audience with pin-point accuracy


Easy and content-rich newsletters

Sociabble comes natively with an advanced newsletter engine. You can easily create automated or manual newsletters and distribute them to specific audiences. With the targeting and planning capabilities of the tool, employees are notified directly on their mobile devices about content that really interests them.

Track the performance

You have access to all the opening and consultation data essential for monitoring the performance of your communication.

A CUTTING-EDGE NEWSLETTER TOOL Easy and content-rich newsletters


Send breaking news and critical updates on mobile

Sociabble offers the possibility to ensure the reading of your important content and alerts by the users with the must-read feature. Administrators can monitor the results with analytics.

While respecting employees’ privacy

Administrators can customize privacy controls known on the platform as “Quiet Hours” and set designated time constraints and messaging guidelines ensuring that employees feel that their personal time is respected.

MOBILE ALERTS AND UPDATES Send breaking news and critical updates on mobile


Live events in just 3 clicks

With Sociabble, just a few clicks are enough to schedule and promote a Live event. We integrate with your preferred video service provider for a premium experience.

A rich and relevant experience

The promotion of the event is automatically managed by Sociabble. Before the event, participants will be notified of the start of the broadcast. During the event, the chat option will provide an interactive experience. Management of the replay is in the hand of the administrators.

SIMPLE LIVE STREAMING Live events in just 3 clicks


More languages, fewer barriers

Sociabble comes equipped with automatic content translation for more than +70 languages. Backed by Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence technology, you can rest assured that all of your employees receive, read, and understand your messages. Administrators can use machine translation to create editable versions of their publication, in all languages.

Instant and universal

Users specify in their account the languages they prefer for reading content. Regardless of the original language, publications will be translated instantly, with just one click.

Automatic real-time translation

Integrated with your digital workplace

HR system

Offer a seamless experience

Make the onboarding journey fun and easy thanks to our HR systems integration. Automatically replicate your organization's structure through groups, onboard frontline workers without corporate accounts, activate single sign on.

Analytics tools

Actionable analytics

Be data-driven, to ensure that the performance of content and employee engagement can be monitored and that the content itself can be revised and optimized for best results. Automatically export and visualize the data with your preferred tools (Tableau, Power BI, etc.).

Content sources

Provide the right content mix

Automate the aggregation of relevant and tailored third-party content thanks to RSS feeds and our preferred curation extensions (Feedly, etc.).

Intranet platforms

Build on your existing tools

Sociabble can highlight and promote static/cold content/resources/materials/apps available in your Intranet through our engagement framework (campaigns, notifications, gamification, etc.).

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