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Great but Unexpected Examples of Brands Engaging with Customers

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According to a survey conducted by Adobe, 70% of consumers think that humor makes brands more relatable. However, only 14% said they find brand content entertaining. Clearly, comedy is not brands’ strong point.

And why would it be, when so many brands work within corporate industries? Here are some great examples of brands who have broken the mold and launched funny content marketing initiatives.

Harvey Nichols and Retail Innovation on Social Media

Imagine you run a luxury store and somebody shoplifts. What do you do, brush it under the carpet? Not if you’re Harvey Nichols. As part of the communication strategy for its Rewards App, the luxury retailer released an unexpectedly quirky video that exposed real-life shoplifters.

Shot in the company’s flagship Knightsbridge store in London, the video was part of a campaign entitled #LoveFreebies; the objective of which was to point out that customers can receive “legal freebies” by using the loyalty app.

Chevrolet, Pizza and the Rise of Emoji

“Words alone can’t describe the new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze.” That’s how General Motors introduced a press release published in July and written entirely in emoji.

In what was largely seen as an attempt to appeal to millennial buyers; the car manufacturer invited online audiences to decipher the message before the real announcement was unveiled the following day.

Chevrolet’s emoji press release boosted the brand’s visibility on social media, drawing attention to the unveiling of the 2016 Chevrolet Cruze.

Where Do You Stand on “Brandter”?

Some people say it’s clever marketing. Others think both the word and the concept are silly. But love it or hate it, “brandter” (when two corporate accounts engage in banter on social media) is a trend that really took off in 2015.

It’s hard to narrow it down to one brand that stands above the rest, which is why this article (where do you stand on brandter) explores a number of examples of what happens when brands call on their sense of humor and get cheeky on the twittersphere.

These are just some examples of the playfulness we can expect more of from brands in the not so distant future. We don’t know about you, but we’re really looking forward to seeing the weird and wonderful ideas brands come up with next year.

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