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Sociabble Trees: The Employee Engagement CSR Feature that Helps the Planet

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Many companies struggle to keep employees engaged—it’s a common problem in the Digital Age. But to help address it, we’ve created an uncommon solution. It’s called Sociabble Trees, and it’s an employee engagement feature that allows companies to offset their carbon emissions by planting real trees, in reforestation initiatives located all over the globe.

At Sociabble, our specialty is in employee communication. And empowering companies to increase employee engagement through our platform has always been a top priority. However, we wanted to do more.

We knew both corporations and their workforce care about the environment, and we knew there had to be a solution that combined these two goals: boosting engagement, while making the world a better place, both at the same time.

And that was why we created Sociabble Trees, a CSR feature built into the Sociabble employee communication platform that rewards employee engagement with real trees planted in their names, in vulnerable forests around the world. To date, the program has planted close to 100,000 trees, while also helping thousands of employees stay informed and connected to company life.


How Sociabble Trees Was Born

A few years ago, the Sociabble team began looking into ways to get involved in the fight against deforestation and climate change. Obviously, it’s a critical issue that affects everyone, and we saw this as a common cause that we could all get behind. The next question was how to make a positive impact?

After research and employee surveys, we decided that a reforestation initiative, as a component of carbon offset, was a good place to start. And as a partner in the initiative, we chose Tree-Nation, a non-profit company whose mission is to plant trees all around the world and offset the CO2 emissions of companies and individuals alike.

Together with Tree-Nation, we created Sociabble Trees, a special CSR feature built into our Employee Communication platform that rewards employees for positive actions, and plants trees in their name, with the ability to monitor corporate forests and collect data on how many trees have been planted, as well as the amount of carbon that has been offset.

By seeing how involved our own employees were in the cause, we realized that Sociabble Trees could have a much wider appeal, and we’ve since included it as a built-in component of our communication platform.

Dozens of companies have used the program to get employees more engaged in company news and updates, and to become more involved in company life—all while also planting thousands of trees in vulnerable ecosystems around the world.


Sociabble Trees gets employees more engaged by rewarding them with real trees planted in their name.

Carbon Offset & The Digital Age

At Sociabble, we know that as a remote SaaS company operating in the digital realm, the majority of our own CO2 emissions are connected to the energy used to power our data centers.

Thanks to Tree-Nation, we found out that most data-driven companies can offset their workforce’s carbon footprint by planting 24 trees per employee per year. Those 24 trees will offset roughly 3.6 tons of carbon, which is about the average of an office-based employee.

For our own reforestation program, we chose to focus on a specific forest in Tanzania. However, forests are available around the world, and our clients have helped revitalize ecosystems in Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Companies can select the country and region they want to focus on, which can help the program feel more local.

Clients That Have Boosted Engagement While Helping the Planet

Many of our clients have followed the example of giving 24 trees to each employee to help offset their carbon emissions, while also rewarding extra trees to employees for things like :

  • Creating content,
  • Sharing posts,
  • Attending seminars and events,
  • Completing trainings,
  • And even celebrating a work anniversary.

There’s no end to the ways that engagement can be encouraged, while also giving employees the chance to closely monitor the growth of their own corporate forest.

Clients who have gotten on board with Sociabble Trees include industry leaders like Edenred, Deloitte, Capgemini, Renault Group, L’Occitane en Provence, Sidetrade, Tata Realty, and Ardian, just to name a few. And if they can do it, so can you!


What Sociabble Trees Has Achieved

Since its creation just a few years ago, the Sociabble Trees program has received unbelievable results, with dozens of companies around the globe getting hundreds of thousands of employees engaged, and planting tens of thousands of trees in reforestation projects all over the world.


To date, over 115,000 trees have been planted, with roughly 205,000 Euros raised for the cause. 66 companies have participated so far in the Sociabble Trees program.

Thanks to the initiative, employees have become more engaged with their companies, more involved in CSR causes overall, and helped disseminate information about the program across their social networks, increasing awareness of the cause.

Want to learn more? Here’s how.

Is increasing employee engagement at your company something you’d like to explore? Is helping the environment and getting employees to rally around a CSR cause something that sounds appealing? Get in touch! We’d love to tell you more about Sociabble Trees, and discuss ways your company can get involved.

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