Deciding your company needs a new internal communication platform is the easy part. Knowing what kind of platform can best handle your organization’s unique communication needs… That’s a bit more tricky.

Sometimes, even just putting together a smart, relevant, and cohesive RFP document can be a real challenge. Which is why we decided to help make it easy. When you download our new Employee Communication RFP template, you’ll have a ready-to-use document with all the information you need to request proposals and make informed, intelligent choices.

Why do you need an Employee Communication RFP template?

Perhaps you’ve been assigned the task of finding a vendor to supply an Employee Communication platform, or maybe it’s an idea you’ve been batting around for a while. In either case, the difficult part can be knowing what employee communication is and how to define your Employee Communiction needs. When choosing your platform, you want to be sure you’re asking all the right questions, and not leaving anything out.

Because we’ve already talked with so many companies that didn’t know where to start, we decided to make things easy by offering a ready-to-use template that any company can use to begin the RFP process for choosing an Employee Communication platform. After all, you want to be sure it’s the solution to the problems and challenges you actually face.

Downloading this template is the first step.

In order to get proposals from vendors, you’re going to need an RFP—a request for proposals. And this template is ready to go. All you have to do is download the template, answer the relevant questions it poses, and fill in the blanks with your company’s information.

We’ve put this template together based on years of experience, both creating our own RFPs, and filling them out for hundreds of clients, including companies of all sizes, from every kind of industry. We’ve included a framework that can work for any company looking to begin the process of accepting proposals from vendors specializing in Employee Communication software and platforms.

Based on how they respond, you’ll be able to make informed choices on next steps.

What’s in it for you? That’s a great question.

When you download this RFP template, you’ll essentially be getting a tutorial, a document, and a schedule of next steps, all at once. More specifically, this RFP template includes:

    •  A standardized, ready-to-use document that you can use to easily compare vendors
    • A chance to lay out and describe your project’s goals, timeline, needs, etc.
    • Smart customization evaluation metrics to fit your project
    • A great tool to organize and speed up your selection process and get started with your Employee Communication dream project

Additionally, the Employee Communication RFP template is divided into several sections, to make sure all essential aspects are covered, from tech specifications to legal considerations to compatibility options. This template includes everything you need to get the request for proposal process rolling.

And if you’re also considering Employee Advocacy, either together with or separate from Employee Communication, this RFP includes that as well.

And when it comes to proposal time, we hope you’ll consider Sociabble.

Here at Sociabble, we’re offering this template to make the RFP process easier for companies, regardless of how they proceed or who they go with. But we also want to help beyond that, and we hope you’ll consider us as a potential partner, whether it’s for Employee Communication, Employee Advocacy, Social Selling, or all of the above.

With experience launching employee communication platforms in over 80 countries, with industry leaders like Coca-Cola, Vinci, and L’Occitane, we have the digital tools and the customized support to turn your communication initiative into a success.

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